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The Wolf and The Badger {Remus Lupin} by theweirdchic
The Wolf and The Badger {Remus Lup...by theweirdchic
"What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life--to strengthen each other in all labour, to rest on each other in all s...
  • remus
  • gryffindor
  • witches
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Black Rose {Fred Weasley} by theweirdchic
Black Rose {Fred Weasley}by theweirdchic
"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. T...
  • remuslupin
  • fredweasley
  • harrypotter
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Dark Blood by Just_a_fangirl821
Dark Bloodby Just_a_fangirl821
There's a darkness inside everyone, no matter how good or pure someone seems its always there. For some its easy to ignore, for others its a wonderful temptation but for...
  • harry
  • darkness
  • ron
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Twisted Emotions || D. MALFOY [slowly editing]  by The_Ravenclaw_Girl
Twisted Emotions || D. MALFOY [slo...by The_Ravenclaw_Girl
" i have nothing ." Nicole Rosewood is known for her intelligent mind, cunning executions and charismatic beauty. Draco Malfoy is known for his b...
  • hogwarts
  • hermionegranger
  • dracomalfoy
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Truths or Dares (Completed) by Hufflepuffpride13
Truths or Dares (Completed)by Hufflepuffpride13
Ginny, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius and Remus play truth or dare. They get even more shocks after the Dark Lord, Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape and Bellatrix...
  • dracomalfoy
  • snape
  • dumbledorebashing
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Hidden Intentions (A Severus Snape Love Story) by SLawton
Hidden Intentions (A Severus Snape...by SLawton
Arabella Alice Rose, a notorious assassin known for being a skilled killer. What happens when Albus Dumbledore asks Arabella to spy on the spy? Will she fall for Severus...
  • romance
  • harry
  • granger
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Voldermort is Gone Tom Riddle Is Here by Bangtanarmy581
Voldermort is Gone Tom Riddle Is H...by BANGbangtan
3th Year for Draco Malfoy Voldermort rose but, the process didn't go as planned. Instead the remnant of soul still in the Diary of Tom Riddle with Lucius Malfoy once mor...
  • draco
  • tomriddle
  • wattys2019
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The Girl Who Tried || Harry Potter by LumosThenNox
The Girl Who Tried || Harry Potterby LumosThenNox
Book 2 "I ain't no Superman, I ain't no Holy Ghost I'm just the one that keeps you up at night, you love the most" - West Coast, Imagine Dragons {Based on Gob...
  • hermione
  • dragon
  • draco
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Percy Jackson the Heir of Tom Riddle by Red_Infinity03
Percy Jackson the Heir of Tom Ridd...by ...
What if Percy had wizarding ancestry? What if Jackson was Sally's mothers maiden name? What if Percy has two evil grandfathers?!
  • voldemortsgrandson
  • voldermort
  • pjhp
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𝗔𝗡𝗔𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗦𝗜𝗔 ━━ REGULUS BLAC...by ━━ 𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐮𝐫
  • bellatrixlestrange
  • tomriddle
  • dobby
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Pandora Riddle - Voldemorts Daughter (Book 1) by xchloeeex
Pandora Riddle - Voldemorts Daught...by Chloe
Pandora Riddle is the daughter of Lord Voldemort and she hates Harry Potter as much as her father does. Thanks to her best friend Draco she is sent to Hogwarts on her la...
  • minister
  • lovegood
  • severus
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Harry potter and voldermort by theweirdo32
Harry potter and voldermortby psychoticships
im shitty at this but hey harry calls voldemort daddy kinky ;)
  • harryxvoldermort
  • gay
  • thedarklord
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My Lord, My Friend... (Harry Potter fan-fic)(Riddle/Snape) by HPottonSauceXP
My Lord, My Friend... (Harry Potte...by Heather Potton
My name is Rowena. I am the lover of Tom Marvolo Riddle, the Dark Lord Voldermort. I have stood with him since childhood. A new recruit has come to us, Severus Snape soo...
  • death
  • snape
  • potter
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Foxy the Maurader by IAmTheGirlWhoDreamed
Foxy the Mauraderby Kit
Emalia is the fifth marauder and is in love with Moony.
  • potter
  • maurader
  • gryffindor
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Harry and the Lyracanite by seriacuckoo
Harry and the Lyracaniteby Yvette
A Harry Potter fanfic What would happen if death had found harry on the doorstep to private drive and what does the headmaster have to do with a man looked in a castle.
  • death
  • harry
  • werewolves
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Hidden From Sight by xibazee
Hidden From Sightby XIBAZEE
What If Hermione really isn't who she says she is, she was put in the muggle world by her real parents to keep her safe, who's her biological parents? On a journey to fi...
  • horror
  • love
  • betrayal
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Hello luv... A Harry Potter Fan Fiction by Vanhessa
Hello luv... A Harry Potter Fan Fi...by Robyn
Robyn Tepesh, a 263 year old Nosferatu, returns to Hogwarts, this time to teach. But little does she know that her greatest enemies are just beginning to rise into power...
  • voldermort
  • dumbledore
  • lupin
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The Untold Story of Remus Lupin (and Tonks) by lycanthropuns
The Untold Story of Remus Lupin (a...by lycanthropuns
The untold story of the Order of the Phoenix at the time Voldemort had returned. To Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks is the only light he has ever known. He loves her, but...
  • lupin
  • potter
  • nymphadora
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The Deatheater's Slave by TheUnion
The Deatheater's Slaveby TheUnion
The purebloods gained control of both muggle and wizarding worlds after Voldemort had won. Now four years later Hermione is captured and sold as a slave-as are all mudbl...
  • werewolf
  • wizards
  • witch
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A snake and a lion~Ron Weasley x reader by lovenightmare666
A snake and a lion~Ron Weasley x r...by nightmare dream
Everyone knows Draco Malfoy, but must don't know his twin. Her name is Y/n Malfoy, has the same unmistakable blonde hair but everything else is completely opposite. Y/n...
  • harrypotter
  • weasley
  • blaisezabini
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