Chapter 1- The Search Begins

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It had been 10 years since Zaratras had been killed and the Seven Deadly Sins, along with the Holy Knight Armella Belmont, has been in hiding. Armella Belmont had been accepted into the Goblin Forest beside the town of Elton, a town filled with magic users and believers. The one town that didn't believe that the Sins had killed the Grand Master. Armella has been going by the name Ren, Maiden of the Forest, for the last decade. She had left a few times to track leads she'd overheard from her time in the pub in town. Ban was in the great Prison of Baste, Merlin had completely vanished along with Escanor, Diane, and Meliodas, and Kind was supposedly dead. She didn't believe that for a minute. The Fairy King was much too skilled with Chasity to be killed. He had probably  just simply changed his appearance, of all the board pictures his was the most accurate. Those searching for Gowther were looking for a suit of armor and Escanor wasn't always a giant powerful man. Meliodas didn't look anything like his picture. Ban and Diane would still be able to be recognized from the images. If anyone were to be caught, besides Ban, it would be Diane, but the giant had probably taken refuge on the mountains somewhere. Ren hadn't changed, but they stopped looking for her years ago. Because Ren wasn't a normal human, she was of a lost race. She was an elf. They resided in the Fairy King's forest but then the demon attacked and they were all killed, or so they thought. Ren was actually as old as Meliodas but she'd never tell anyone that. And her powers that had gotten her the title of Holy Knight were gifted to her by the goddess race as a way to fight against the demons and defend the world, and after the deal was up she got to keep her powers. Armella was currently in the pub in her green and brown outfit, her hood up. "Ren! It's good to see you out of the forest.", she softly smiled, "Well, I do try to be more social, Levi. How is Lia and Gramps?", the man sat down, "Good.", the bar man brought over to beers, "I'm going to have to go get more ale from Vanya.", Ren glanced up, "I'll travel with you.", the bar man nodded as Ren sat down some gold coin, she had done little jobs for the last 10 years. She'd already repaid Gramps and she had her chest of gold in her cave. Though she hardly had a use of it. She kept a coin purse and a half on her at all times though. "Came to the forest's edge when you're ready to depart. Nik and I shall join you on your venture.", and she walked out of the pub, Levi's voice following her, "More sociable my ass!", and her laughter was heard through the town.

The Bar man, named Xavier, was at the edge of the woods with a cart and he glanced around anxious. He heard hooves fall on the ground and he glanced up to see Ren on her white stag, Nik. "Nik isn't used to having something restricting him. So we will switch out who carries the cart. I'll start and I can go much longer than yourself.  We should hope to get to Vayna by nightfall.", Xavier agreed and the two began their trek. Nik glanced down at his friend and she nodded. They were going to get word on the Sins. Specifically Meliodas.

The three got to Vayna and rented a room, Nik running off to the country side beside the town. The townspeople were talking, "Who's the girl?", she was in their pub and she had her jaw clenched, a Holy Knight was here. Gilthunder, Son Of Zaratras. "My name is Ren. I'm a hunter and gatherer of our town. Not many can navigate the forest near Elton. I can. I was simply assisting our Bar man here. The roads can be dangerous and one shouldn't travel alone.", a man spoke, "And a girl is going to protect him?", she rolled her eyes and Xavier spoke, "I wouldn't talk down to Ren.", but it was too late. A knife flew threw the air and landed right by his head, "I've been on my own since I was 13 years old, my family killed by a demon. I've had to learn many things, you foolish man. One of them being how to defend myself against pervy men and thieves. Do not press your luck with me, you will not like the outcome of the bout.", she grabbed her knife and left the pub, three gold coins at her place. Xavier sighed, "I apologize for her.", and he left as well. Gilthunder has raised an eyebrow, she couldn't be older than 25, and demons weren't around 12 years ago. Were they? Maybe it wasn't a demon, maybe something else had killed her family and her young mind had been traumatized by what she saw. He shrugged as he went to the hotel and he waited until morning. He needed to draw the Sins out, Meliodas out, and to do that he needed to do things he didn't like. The knights had given up on finding Armella Belmont, she wasn't dead but, they hadn't heard a word of her since Zaratras had been murdered. He heard someone in the hallway and he opened his door, stepping out, only for the person to bounce off his chest. "I'm so sorry. I should have been watching where I was going.", it was the girl from the bar. "It's fine.", she held her hand out and softly smiled, "I'm Ren.", he held his hand out, "Gilthunder.", she shook his hand, "It's a pleasure. I need to be going.", he farrowed his eyebrows, "What's the rush.", she lowered her head, her face still covered by the hood, "It will seem silly to you but I've lost a gift a friend gave me many years ago. That friend has passed and it, I think I dropped it somewhere in town and I must find it.", he nodded, "I hope you find it.", she walked away and Gilthunder farrowed his eyebrows as she did, something about the hooded maiden seemed familiar, very familiar.

Leagues away, Meliodas and the Princess Elizabeth were inside the Boar Hat, his bar. He had been thinking for a few moments. He needed more Vayna Ale. He glanced at Elizabeth and spoke up, "10 years ago, it wasn't just the Seven Deadly Sins. If we're going to do this, we're going to do this right. We need to find Armella.", Elizabeth and Sir Hawk, looked at each other and the princess spoke, "Who is Armella?", Meliodas looked at the girl, "Armella was possibly the strongest Holy Knight Liones had. Matching the Sins in power and magic. Because of that she trained with us. 10 years ago she was willing to fight the Holy Knights to allow us to get away. We didn't allow it. One of the other sins knocked her out and I carried her to Elton, leaving her with a family. No one has heard anything of her since. I promised to go back to her and that the Sins would all be together again. Having Armella join us in our search will make things easier in the long run.", Elizabeth nodded and Hawk spoke, "So, What was her magic?", Meliodas smiled, "Armella was a gifted swordswoman and she had the heart of a leader. Her magic took form of that. We called it reequip magic. She had an arsenal of armor and swords, each set of armor having its own magical property, but what set her truly apart was her power. I have full counter, Armella had duel strike and counter blast. Duel strike is a defensive version of my own move, and Counter blast takes all the hits used against her in battle and throws it back at her enemy. The problem with Armella was that she was always willing to take the hits for someone else, no matter what could happen to her. I don't know how many times that almost got her killed. No matter the orders if she could prevent one of us from getting hurt, she'd do it.", Elizabeth noted the look on Meliodas' face, "You really cared for her.", Meliodas looked at the princess, "More than anyone knew. We all did.", and Meliodas sighed as he walked out the door and Elizabeth looked at Hawk, "Did you know about Armella?", Hawk, the talking pig, looked at Elizabeth, "No, but that explains the picture of the girl in his room.", Hawk's mom, the Boar under the hat, settled down for the night. "Tomorrow, midday we will be in Vayna. Hopefully we can get some information about one of our sins or Armella. Get some sleep.", and he walked upstairs into his room as Elizabeth went to the third floor bedroom.

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