Chapter 2- The Vayna Well

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Ren clenched her jaw as she felt something was off, "Xavier, go back to Elton. I'll return once I am able.", The Bar man nodded and left the town. Armella glanced toward the hills and she made her way toward them. Nik met her at the line and she spoke softly to him, he huffed but did as she asked, returning to their home. Ren glanced around and saw no one as she changed from her green brown outfit into a grey and silver one, her face still hidden by a hood. She had a sword at her side instead of her bow and she watched as Gilthunder the Holy Knight slammed his sword into the ground and lightning struck. She clenched her jaw as she watched from the top of a building and Gilthunder left and the townspeople turned to try and remove the sword and noticed that their water supply had stopped moving. Only a Holy Knight could move that sword. But she couldn't move it, not right now. She felt someone nearing the town, only a few hours out. She'd wait until then.

Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk walked the streets of Vayna, the Captain glancing around as he felt the power of a Holy Knight nearby. "Everyone is in the square, there must be a festival.", the trio walked toward the square and Meliodas stopped a man, "Hey, What's going on?", the man sighed, "A Holy Knight stabbed his sword into the ground and we can't move it.", Meliodas and Hawk shared a look and the trio jogged to the square. People were trying to pull it and a little boy walked over, "That stupid Holy Knight! Why, if my friends the Seven Deadly Sins were here they'd get that right out of there!", Meliodas tilted his eyes, "This is all your fault Mead! If you hadn't of done that, this wouldn't be happening!", the people picked up stones and threw them but they never touched the boy. Meliodas' eyes widened as he quickly covered the boy with his body, but a familiar figure stood before him. Though her face was covered. "This isn't Mead's fault.", the stones had all bounced off her sword. "That Holy Knight was rude and Mead was defending the thing you all work so hard to make. Something none of you were man enough to do! Now I've told you, if it's not pulled by Nightfall I will give it a shot.", Meliodas had stepped to cover Mead from the onslaught of stones but he hadn't needed too, "Ren.", Meliodas raised an eyebrow at the name, "Ren?", and the head tilted, "You should all be ashamed, I should leave the sword for your sins against Mead. He's only a child and you all were going to throw stones at him.", Elizabeth's eyes were wide at the person in front of them. "Captain, take the boy to safety. I will follow you.", he smiled and the group of five walked away from the crowd, who were all looking down in shame. "Meliodas?", the woman glanced at Elizabeth and raised an eyebrow under the hood, "Who is this?", Hawk frowned, "I would like to know too.", and the woman spoke, "We'll talk more later.", and Meliodas lead the group back to the Boar Hat.

The woman had made food and a drink for the young boy and she stood away from the others as Meliodas spoke to the young boy. His eyes landing on the woman, Ren, a few times, "Why were they going to stone you?", the boy looked at Ren, "It's fine, Mead. He won't hurt you.", and the boy nodded, "A Holy Knight came through, he arrived last night. This morning, the townspeople made him a big breakfast with our best produce and meats, and we got him a mug of the freshest batch of Vayna Ale. Hey, should a kid your age be drinking that?", Meliodas blinked as he took a drink of ale, "I'm not a kid.", Ren snorted but didn't say anything, "And then, he was being such a big jerk about it and treated everyone like crap! So I put a bug in his drink and to retaliate he put his sword in the ground and stopped our water supply.", Ren spoke, "It was a young Holy Knight, but very powerful.", Meliodas nodded at her, "So wait, why'd you step in front of me and the kid?", the woman softly smiled under her hood, "Mead's story isn't a pleasant one. But it isn't mine to tell. I'll just say his story reminds me of my own.", and Meliodas nodded, "So, this stuff about being friends with the Seven Deadly Sins.", Mead glanced down, "That was a lie. But if the Holy Knights are hunting down the Seven Deadly Sins and the Knight Princess Armella, that must mean the Sins and Knight Princess are the good guys!", Meliodas spoke with a raised eyebrow, "The Knight Princess?", Mead nodded, "Yeah. Haven't you ever heard the stories?", Ren spoke next, "I haven't, what are they, Mead?", he glanced at her, "The Knight Princess Armella is a very strong and powerful Holy Knight, so much so that the others wouldn't train with her. She was the best warrior in the ranks with her reequip magic and her defensive and offensive moves. When the Grandmaster was killed, she disappeared along with the Holy Knights because she was scared she'd be used as bait to bring her family in for a crime they didn't commit. No one has heard from her in the last decade! No rumors or anything.", Meliodas nodded, "Interesting.", Ren spoke, "Mead, you should go rest up before we head back into town.", he nodded as he walked outside and Ren stood at the table at his spot, "You can remove the hood.", and she did. Elizabeth and Hawk gasped. She hadn't changed a bit in the last decade. "Hello, Captain.", he smiled, "Mel.", and the Captain stood up and hugged hugged her before the pair sat back down, "Why are you in Vayna?", she glanced at Elizabeth, "Why are you with the third Princess of Liones?", Meliodas spoke, "The royal family was arrested 3 days ago by the Holy Knights. They're planning something. Elizabeth got away and she wants to find the Seven Deadly Sins to fight against the Holy Knights.", Armella nodded, "Right. The bar man of Elton needed more ale. We travelled for Vayna ale. He got his order and left right before the Holy Knight pulled his stunt.", Meliodas nodded, "Elizabeth, this is Armella Belmont, the Knight Princess.", the two women shook hands and Armella glanced down at Hawk, "And what is your name, Sir Pig?", he gave a smile, "Sir Hawk, Captain Of the order of Scraps Disposal!", she smiled, "It's a pleasure, Sir Hawk.", Meliodas blinked, "You're not freaked out by the talking pig?", she turned as she raised an eyebrow, "For 10 years I've lived in a forest of moving trees and talking animals, it takes a lot to surprise me.", Meliodas nodded as she stood, "Knights have entered the town. Come on.", and she took off running, leaving her hood down. She easily ran faster than the others and she glared as she got into the town. "Come on! Try harder! If you don't get this sword out we're going to double your taxes!", Mead ran forward and pulled as the Knights laughed. "Triple taxes now!", Mead was crying and the townspeople were screaming at him but the elder spoke up and the men began to help. Though it was no use. Armella sighed as her black outfit changed into a sliver suit of armor and she walked forward, "I made a promise.", and the townspeople gapped, "Ren!", she winked at Mead, she wrapped her hand around Gilthunder's hilt and pulled, it shined in the sunset and she threw it at the Knights, knocking them backwards. She grabbed the ale from them before they fell, "Ungrateful persons like you don't deserve to drink this ale. Return to your superior at once, the sword has been removed.", and the pair ran off.  Elizabeth smiled as the townspeople hugged Armella and she accepted their praise. She glanced at Meliodas, "Dinner at the Boar's Hat! Everyone is invited!", and the group left the townspeople as Mead hugged the elder and cried, "You can lie to yourself but you can never lie to your heart.", Meliodas smiled at Armella, "We should go prepare the Boar Hat for business.", the red headed woman nodded and the group of four walked back toward the Boar's Hat.

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