Chapter 8- Lover and Foe

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Armella signed up for the fighting festival under the name Ren and she hid back in the shadows, feeling something drawing her toward the other side of town. She clenched her jaw as she felt what it was but she couldn't focus on that right now. She closed her eyes as she glanced around at the competition, this would make for some good entertainment. She tilted her head as someone walked by, "Yeah, there's a pub that will give us fighters a free meal after our matches and drinks too.", she sighed and rolled her eyes, "I'm not fighting a bunch of drunks. I've done that before.", she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She felt Meliodas, Ban, and King enter but her attention was toward the pull in her heart. She clenched her jaw and glanced at the growing crowd. She sighed as she learnt against a cart and shut her eyes, her arms across her chest. To others it looked like she wasn't paying any attention, but that was far from the truth. In fact, she was paying attention to everything. Especially the growing pull in her chest, and the blonde haired, violet eyed, Holy Knight felt the pull too.

Howzer grew quiet as the ground of Holy Knights grew closer to the fighting festival, "Howzer, are you okay?", he nodded, "Yeah. I'm going to go sign up and check out the area.", and he left his friends behind. He glanced around as he signed up and he felt eyes on him. He turned to his left and noticed a figure in a three piece black and silver out fit, a matching hood hiding the face, but Howzer could see a lock of red hair fall from the hood as the figure glanced down. Howzer walked toward the figure and smiled as his heart swelled. "Hi, I'm Howzer.", the figure lowered her hood and softly smiled, "I'm Ren.", she held out her hand and he shook it and the two gasped at the electricity in then contact. "You felt it too? Do you feel the warmness as well?", he smiled, "Yeah.", and her heart swelled, "Are you fighting?", she nodded, "Yeah. I'm a hunter and warrior of my village. I heard about the festival and decided to have fun. What about you? Are you fighting?", he grinned as his arm went behind his head, "Yeah. I'm a Holy Knight of Liones and I get a break but I escorted Princess Veronica and Griamore.", Ren farrowed her eyebrows, "Why is the Princess Veronica here?" Howzer shrugged, "Princess Elizabeth ran off to find the Seven Deadly Sins and the Knight Princess. They're a dangerous group that needs to be brought to justice over what happened 10 years ago.", Ren frowned and backed away slightly, making Howzer frown, "Right, you believe that the sins and the knight princess killed the Grand Master.", the festival master yelled, "Next up, Ren Huntress and Caron!", she softly smiled as she lowered her hood, "That's me.", and she walked toward the stage, "A woman? Ahaha. Step out while you still can, little girl.", she glared at her opponent, "I'll have you know, little boy, that I've killed thieves and bandits with my bare hands. Don't anger me, you won't appreciate the outcome that I can assure you.", Meliodas spoke, "Don't go killing anyone.", Ren rolled her eyes as she removed her cape and let it fall behind her, "Sod off.", and the men cheered. Ban clenched his jaw and Howzer felt himself get angry at the wolf whistles and cat calls, "Quiet! All of you! By orders of a Holy Knight!", she chuckled and turned to her opponent, "Bring it.", and he charged. She dodged his hits and rolled her eyes as she jumped away from a kick and landed near the edge of the ring, "Is that all you've got?", and she smirked, "This will be easy.", she moved fast and quickly kicked the guy in the stomach, he doubled over and blood flew from his mouth, she smirked as she punched him and he flew backwards and landed with a thud. He stood with a wobble and she kicked him from the arena and he was out, with blood flowing from his nose. "It was is probably the fastest match ever, the winner is Ren Huntress!", she chuckled as she jumped from the stage and landed in front of Howzer. "That was impressive.", she grinned and lightly patted his chest, "Don't worry, if we fight I'll take it easy on you. I wouldn't want to mess up that beautiful face of yours.", he blushed and Ban glared at the interaction. She smiled as she put her hands behind her back and walked away, a man glanced at Howzer, "Follow her son, that's a girl that doesn't want to be followed often but right now, she wants you to follow her.", Meliodas raised an eyebrow and King's eyes widened, "Captain. He's a Holy Knight.", Ban glared as a girl walked by and sighed, "I'd like to drop from the tournament. My name is Metrona.", the guy nodded, "Okay. I'll let your opponent know.", the girl turned and King and Ban gapped at the girl, "Diane?! What happened to you? Where's Elizabeth!", she answered and Meliodas frowned, "Why did you drop out?", the ring announcer spoke, "The match after this one has been changed and Howzer will be going to the finals against Ren Huntress!", the group glanced across the stage and the two stood side by side and nodded, "Because. I'd hate to be the person who hurts him. I can feel her changing back to herself, even just being near him. That's her one.", Ban glared and went to move forward but Meliodas threw him backwards, "You don't have the rights, Ban. Let it go.", the ring announcer spoke, "Next up, Cain and Old Fart!", and King entered the ring after giving chastiefold to Meliodas.

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