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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers [PUBLISHED] by Jojo_B
The Seven Deadly Simpson Jojo B [EXAMS]
PUBLISHED ON AMAZON AND ON TAPAS! **NEW EDITED VERSION** Coral Peterson suffers from an abusive past and is living in an area ruled by two rival gangs. The Simpsons and...
  • anger
  • pride
  • greed
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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers [ORIGINAL] by Jojo_B
The Seven Deadly Simpson Jojo B [EXAMS]
**Written when I was YOUNG and didn't know anything about life - if you want the MUCH better version, read the NEW EDITED VERSION on my profile!** The Simpson Brothers a...
  • brothers
  • anger
  • envy
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Snakes and Splinters by Jojo_B
Snakes and Splintersby Jojo B [EXAMS]
  • london
  • lust
  • pride
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Academy of Seven Deadly Sins by NEOTAECHS
Academy of Seven Deadly Sinsby Knew
Let's See who will Win Let's See who will Lived Let's See who will Survive Let's See who will Graduate In this Academy that full of Pride In this Academy that full of E...
  • thriller
  • pride
  • academy
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The Seven Deadly Sins by The_Primrose
The Seven Deadly Sinsby Unhappy Endings
Seven poems for the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • pride
  • seven
  • poems
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seven by lunarhao
sevenby lover of hoshi
"It doesn't seem like it, but wrath is quite a powerful sin. It's more than just anger and fire."
  • kimnamjoon
  • gluttony
  • lust
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Secret Between Us  by Erzafernandesu
Secret Between Us by Erzafernandesu
Sebuah organisasi yang dibuat untuk memusnahkan seluruh roh di dunia telah dibentuk ! Roh kebajikan dan dosa terpaksa harus menyembunyikan identitas roh mereka dengan m...
  • wrath
  • patience
  • sloth
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Saints  by Vividlycrimson18
Saints by ingri
"What do you mean I'm stuck with the seven deadly sins? I'm a saint!" "You've been about seven minutes in hell and have managed to insult eight people alr...
  • wrath
  • hell
  • death
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My lovely bishojo//Yandere boys x reader by NSFT-Taejeon
My lovely bishojo//Yandere boys 👑Queen Alien🖖🏾
Let's say.... the girl: y/n was applying for this job to work at a luxurious hotel, of course she made it in, but the catch issss~ she had two slots available for her an...
  • gluttony
  • lust
  • yandere
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Demon X Reader by Futago707
Demon X Readerby Futago707
Instead of having a guardian angel, you got a guardian demon. His methods are more brutal, but he always makes sure you are safe. Author: Kayla~ the twin with the glasse...
  • reverseharem
  • love
  • lust
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The Deal with the Demon Prince by The_Black_Butterfly
The Deal with the Demon Princeby The_Black_Butterfly
A hundred and seventeen years ago, a demon offered a girl who was on the verge of death a deal. Having no other choices, she accepted and gained an almost immortal body...
  • deal
  • sins
  • demon
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The Seven Deadly Sins x Male Reader by patrickthehedgehog21
The Seven Deadly Sins x Male Readerby Master Pie
"...nothing but a experiment..." The seven deadly sins or also known as Nanatsu no Taizai and it's characters belongs to Nakaba Suzuki You belong to yourself
  • ban
  • king
  • wrath
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Sacred Sin by TheLightWithinAHeart
Sacred Sinby Virginia McDaniel
This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split. The Holy Knights, the defenders of the realm, possessed tremendous magical powers...
  • greed
  • sloth
  • king
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The Wolf Shifter's Choice by NicoleC2000
The Wolf Shifter's Choiceby Nicole
Kuro X Reader You all know about the Servamps, but nobody knows about the Wolf Shifters. Servamps are the only ones that can have an Eve. Wrong. The Wolf Shifters can to...
  • greed
  • wrath
  • pride
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Shawn Mendes Weight Gain by Shawnstyles101
Shawn Mendes Weight Gainby Shawnstyles101
Shawn Mendes concludes his tour, and meets a girl who doesn't mind if he lets go a little.
  • buttonpopping
  • lazy
  • weightgain
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My happiness ~ Ban fanfic  by cutiepie_xox17
My happiness ~ Ban fanfic by Abigail 💘
After being accused of a crime you didn't do, you were kicked out of Liones. A few years later, you saved your childhood friend Elizabeth from kidnapping and the Captain...
  • taizai
  • envy
  • anime
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Bound Till The End || BTS Jimin Fanfiction by Rowan_C
Bound Till The End || BTS Jimin Rowan
"Lust, stop staring at me like that, you perv!" The silver-haired male could only give a dark chuckle at the girl's words, hungrily licking the edge of his lip...
  • pride
  • kindness
  • charity
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The Battle Angel Alchemist- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood x OP!Fem!OC by epicface752
The Battle Angel Alchemist- Anime trash you find everywhe...
Asura's parents, who were both well known state alchemists, were murdered by Scar when she was only 10 years old. She was of course, devastated when she discovered the d...
  • pride
  • alchemy
  • wrath
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Seven deadly sins (Hetalia x reader fan fiction) by Goldenkokoro
Seven deadly sins (Hetalia x Goldenkokoro
Who remembers the first set of seven deadly sins? Not pretty i know. But what happens when they're reborn and they all just adore you! What happens when your find out yo...
  • reader
  • manga
  • lovestory
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