Chapter 5- Where's Armella?

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Meliodas glanced around, "Diane? Are you okay?", she glanced around, "You and Armella took off for Baste awhile ago.", she farrowed her eyebrows and Elizabeth and Hawk looked around, "Hey, where is Lady Armella?", Meliodas frowned, "Diane? Where's Mel?", the Giant glanced around as she heard a bell chime, "Huh? Captain? Elizabeth? When did you guys get here?", Meliodas clinched his jaw, "Diane? Where is Armella?", she frowned, "She said she needed time to herself before we got to Baste. She's not happy to see Ban. She's, not scared or worried, she's. Uncertain. She said she didn't think he ever loved her.", Meliodas clenched his jaw, "Which way did she go?", Diane frowned as she glanced around, "I'm not sure.", and then they both heard the bell. "Elizabeth! Get back! There's a Holy Knight!", she nodded and stepped away but she saw a Shepard with a small boy. "You have to go! I don't want you to get hurt!", the boy was crying and Elizabeth ran over toward them as a Holy Knight in a bug armor appeared. Elizabeth glared and Hawk huffed in annoyance. How were they going to handle this situation? Meliodas and Diane were fighting each other and Armella had wandered off. Neither of them could feel the magic source growing closer at an alarming rate, in fact none of them could.

  Armella sat in a tree with her head down as she thought over things. She clenched her jaw as her eyes were closed and a few tears fell. She screamed and one of her swords appeared, then she felt the ground shake. Her eyes snapped open and her attention turned toward the direction she came from. Her eyes wide, "Elizabeth, Captain.", she jumped along the trees and her outfit changed into a red suit, two pieces. The top was a bandeau red and her bottoms were tight red shorts that stopped just under her butt, she had a red headband across her forehead and two small twin blades in her hands with red heeled boots that stopped at her thighs. Her face was set as she ran back through the forest in the tree line and she jumped from the last tree and landed in front of Elizabeth as the Holy Knight Ruin swung his staff, "Duel Strike!", and he was thrown backwards and his staff bent, "Lady Armella!", the Knight Princess set her jaw as Ruin stood, "You!", she glared, "By my life you will not lay a hand on the Princess.", Elizabeth gasped as Armella spoke, "She is your Princess, your King's daughter, and you dare try to harm her.", Armella jumped forward and in the air her outfit changed into her silver and teal revealing armor known as the Fairy Warrior armor and she swung her staff, knocking Ruin to the side, "It's your magic working against my family, so I shall kill you first and then I shall squash the bug.", the man swung his staff and she caught it as she glared and the bell caught her eyes. She smirked, "Hmm.", she punched him as her outfit changed and her eyes were wide with anger. "Your reign of terror on the minds of my family ends now.", he laughed as he hit her in the face and she quickly got the bell into her mouth. She fell to the side and Ruin laughed, "The Knight Princess taken down by a simple Holy Knight. Before I kill you, I'll show you. My power is here on my staff in this bell- where's the bell?", Armella had taken the time to stand and she smirked as she spit the bell out into her now gloved hand and she crushed it, "What was that you were saying? The Knight Princess taken down by a simple Holy Knight?", she laughed as she went to punch him but her fist got caught, "Help Elizabeth, I'll handle him.", she nodded, "Of course, Captain.", she smirked, "You're in trouble now.", and she ran over to the Princess, who was covered in cuts and bites. "Diane. Squash the insect.", the Giant nodded and did as told and Armella sat down and gave a small smile as she rested her hands over Elizabeth, "This might feel weird, El. Sorry I wasn't here sooner.", the Princess smiled as Armella blinked, "No matter what, I'll protect you and stay by your side, okay. I promise.", Elizabeth nodded, "Thank you, Lady Armella.", Armella smiled as a single tear fell from her eye and the Captain and Diane gapped, "Please, call me Ella.", and she healed the Princess' wounds and the young girl fell asleep. "Diane, place her in your pack. She needs rest. We need to get to Baste.", the giant nodded and Armella stood up as she looked toward the prison with a clenched jaw, "Mel?", she glanced at Meliodas, "Captain?", he softly smiled as he held her hand, "You can do this.", she smiled, "With you guys by my side, I can do anything.", her outfit changed back to the red two piece outfit and Meliodas chuckled, "That's right, show him what he's missing.", she rolled her eyes and punched him, "No, you dingus. This outfit is an assassian outfit, it conceals my power and magic from others so they can't sense me coming. I'll go find the Doctor's daughter, you go get Ban.", he nodded and the group began their trek.

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