Chapter 10- Stand Down

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It was the next day and the group was once again drinking and eating, Armella was on guard. Still. Meliodas noticed. He stood by her and frowned, "What has you so worked up?", she looked at him, "Something is going to happen. Something bad.", he nodded and that's when a Mage appeared inside and her eyes widened, "Elizabeth!", she jumped to get to the young girl but the pair was already gone, "Oh crap! We gotta go!", and Armella was out the door, "Diane!", the giant nodded, "Ban, Gowther, King; are you coming?", they all said no and kind of mumbled about and Armella spun around and drew her sword on all three of them, "You idiots haven't figured it out yet have you? The Grand Masters mean to bring about the next Holy War by raising the Demon Race from their 3000 year prison world. To do that they need 4 pieces of concrete ruins from the battle, which they have. They had those 10 years ago. The demon blade, which was stolen from Captain two days ago. And the last of the Goddess Race. Which they just got. Now then. You made an oath ten years ago to protect the land of Britannia, you renewed that promise when you chose to follow Princess Elizabeth, myself, and the Captain. So. You're going into Liones with us, and you will fight. Or I'll have your heads from treason against the Captain.", they all gulped, "Right. Of course I'll come. I always like to kick ass.", Ban spoke up, "This will be a great time to observe the Captain and Ban.", that was Gowther, "Diane and I can get the citizens from the city.", and King. "Diane! I need you to throw as hard as you can toward Liones. It's 30 miles. I don't care if you don't think you can get us there. I know you can.", the giant nodded and Meliodas, Armella, Gowther, and Ban all held onto each other and Diane threw them. Ban said something and the others all were confused by what he said. Armella spotted the army of Holy Knights first and she let go of Meliodas and fell, in mid-air she changed into her black battle armor, her hair was in two long ponytails, and her sword was black and gold. She landed and the ground cracked. "It's the Knight Princess Armella!", and her eyes were nearly glowing purple. "Dude, we can't take her.", she raised an eyebrow as Meliodas and the other two got closer toward the city and fell. She rushed threw the front lines and they were all down, knocked out. She got into the city and her eyes were wide. Nobody was safe here, not if the Grand Masters and the new generation were behind this. The people needed to leave. She just didn't know how to get them to do it. She shook her head and frowned, "Lord help us all.", before she took a deep breath, set her facial expression, and ran toward the battle.

Armella wasn't sure where she was, but she had ran into Diane. "Diane!", the giant sighed, "Ella!", Armella had some soot covering her body. She was now in her fairy armor. "What is going on?", Armella spoke, "The next Holy War. The Grand Masters want this.", a building exploded near them and Diane shrieked as Armella she covered her head and closed her eyes, the two females looked at a group of Holy Knights. "Diane, the Serpent Sin, and The Knight Princess Armella.", the two swallowed and Armella stepped forward. Her eyes looking at Jericho, Gila, and Howzer. She wasn't sure who the old man was. "This is madness. The people of Liones are innocent! Let them go!", the Holy Knight she didn't know laughed and she swallowed. She didn't know what to do. All she did know was that she needed to protect these people. The Holy Knight laughed and she frowned, Howzer looked at her and noticed the few red lines on her body, that were slowly fading to a pink. "Look around you! There is no way that you and the Sins end up the heroes!", she shook her head, "I don't want to be a hero. I never wanted to be a hero. I just wanted to do my part in protecting the place that took me in and saved me. Along with the man that gave me a family. Ten years ago, I was prepared to die to save my family. Today, I will die to save my family and these innocent people. Now tell me, where is Princess Elizabeth?", Howzer frowned, "She's here?!", Armella nodded, "Of course she is. Your grand masters wish to start the next Holy War by raising the demon race. They believe you all strong enough to defeat the demons. And you may well be. But there will be no kingdom to congratulate you and worship you. No townspeople to view you as the heroes. You won't be the heroes today. Or tomorrow. Because bad deeds are always revealed, and no good deed goes unpunished. I barely survived the last Holy War, I will not care to die to stop the next one.", Howzer looked at her as she prepared for a battle, "Your generation X knights, will fail. They failed the test of being Holy Knights because they lack the one thing all Holy Knights need. Heart. They're in it to prove a point or to gain fame. And I can tell, you've done something to them. That will get them killed in the end and you will be alone.", he snarled and Jericho stepped forward, "I got her.", and Armella nodded, "Confidence, you aren't lacking. Will, you are. Tell me. Are you here to have your name wrote in the books?", Jericho growled and the two fought, Jericho quickly getting thrown back. "I've been alive for 3000 years! I didn't use my power! You're under trained! I'm surprised you've lived this long! Next!", Gila stepped forward and once again, after a few moments and lack of magical use from Armella.", Howzer glanced at her and went to step forward but the other Holy Knight laughed, "Ah, the Knight Princess. I see how you got your title. Tell me. There was darkness in you 10 years ago, Armella Belmont. Is it still there.", she clenched her jaw, "I never meant to harm anyone.", he laughed, "Oh, I sense how true your statement is, but you nearly killed people ten years ago, Armella Belmont.", she clenched her jaw as she glanced down and Diane stepped in front of her, "She obviously feels guilty about it! Leave her alone!", the man laughed and an explosion went off behind them and some people screamed. Armella ran and she cut through the debris and it fell around the citizens. "Go, run. It isn't safe here.", the citizens looked at her and nodded before they ran off. Armella watched as Diane was attacked and she ran over, taking a hit and flying backwards into a building and landing with a thud. "Ella!", the smaller redheaded knight struggled to stand and she wiped her mouth as blood fell. Howzer's eyes were wide. A small voice rang out, she heard it say something, but then an explosion happened, she glanced up to see a young boy and a building falling. She jumped up and lightly tossed the boy backwards as the building fell on the ground, "Armella!", Howzer's eyes were wide and as the smoke cleared, Diane was over Armella and Howzer let out a sigh of relief before he ran over and Diane softly smiled at him as she leant back and Armella was covered in her own blood. She tried to stand up, the battle was still going after all. Howzer shook his head, "Stand down.", and Gila ran to her little brother as she looked at the redheaded woman. Everything they ever heard about the female was wrong. She shook her head, "The Battle still rages on. As the Knight Princess and as a companion of the Seven Deadly Sins, I will not rest until my death in battle or until the battle is won. King flew over, "Armella! The castle!", she nodded and stood up, "The Captain needs you!", she stood up with a wince and she looked at Howzer. "We will meet again, Howzer.", she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek and she ran off.

At the castle Elizabeth was hurt and Meliodas was about to fight one of the Grand Masters. He was bloody and the man lunged, only to be thrown back, "Counter Blast!", and he was thrown hard. Meliodas fell as Armella did, he had never seen her so hurt. "Mel?", she softly smiled, "Captain.", and Ban ran in. The redhead looked up, "Something is wrong.", she stood up and stood in front of Meliodas. "Armella, what happened to you?", she swallowed, "The better question is what happened to you?", Ban and Meliodas frowned as blood fell from her lips. "Why aren't you healing?", she glared, "What did the Goddess Horn promise you?", and Ban stepped back. "Elaine, if I kill the captain they'll give me back Elaine.", she nodded as she scoffed, "And as I told you ten years ago, it's impossible.", she changed armor and her sword disappeared. Her hands were filled with twin blades and her armor was her assassins armor. "I am not here to fight you, Armella.", she clenched her jaw, "If you wish to harm the Captain, then I must stand in your way. I will not let you kill my brother for the lies of the goddess race.", Meliodas looked at her and softly smiled, at least someone stayed loyal. He placed a hand on her shoulder, "I've got this.", but Elizabeth disappeared again. "Forget that! We have to save Elizabeth and stop the start of the Holy War!", and the two ran, "You're either with us, or against us, Ban the Immortal.", he frowned at her tone. "If you're against us, you might find yourself dead for a few moments.", her eyes had darkened and her tone lowered. "You're still a sin, so this is an order. You're coming with us.", and with that Armella jumped and ran toward where she felt power rising. She didn't think she'd be prepared for what she would see.

Howzer looked at Gowther, King, and Diane, who were all looking toward the mountain side and the valley. "What is it? Is Armella okay?", they nodded, "She's fine. But something is coming. Let's go.", Howzer looked at Diane, "Take me with you. I have to protect Armella. She can't die today!", King softly smiled and looked at Howzer, "You'd be surprised. Despite what has happened today, Armella is the furthest from death she could be.", Howzer frowned as the group ran toward the valley, "Why do you say that?", Diane chuckled, "Armella is the last elf in the world. She was a healer elf before she became a warrior to aid in the first Holy War. She's been a warrior ever since. Armella has magical properties outside of being the Knight Princess. She isn't immortal, but she's damn hard to kill. And she just found you, Howzer. She's not going to die before she gets to know you.", and Howzer blushed as they got to the clearing and saw Hendrickson in front of Ban, Meliodas, Gilthunder, King Arthur, his mage, and Armella. Armella glanced at the mage and raised an eyebrow. She had felt that power before. She held in her smirk. It was Merlin. Diane, King, and Gowther walked forward. Along with Howzer and Gilthunder. Howzer stood by Armella and she looked at him, she glowed yellow for a moment and they were both healed. She softly smiled at him, "Be safe. I can't lose you.", he rested his forehead on hers and she closed her eyes. Gilthunder softly smiled at the pair and Meliodas sighed, "Armella, that's cute and all but can you please focus.", she looked at him, "Don't make me kick your ass before we kick his ass.", and Ban laughed and Gilthunder chuckled. Sure, it was the time for a fight but they all felt comfortable as other Holy Knights came and joined them. "An army of Holy Knights, a King, the Knight Princess, and the Seven Deadly Sins going against a Grand Master who is addicted to Demon Blood. Lovely.", Armella's armor changed into her red and gold armor and her hair fell in waves, held from her eyes by a golden headband, her arms adored by two golden bands and she had golden wrist gauntlets. She had a shield and a sword. She licked her lips, "I'm otherworldly! You can't kill me.", she tilted her head, "I've killed things from other worlds before.", and she jumped with a scream. Meliodas looked at the Sins, "We've got this.", and he jumped into the fight as well.

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