Chapter 7- It Doesn't Hurt

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Armella clenched her jaw as she held onto the furniture with closed eyes, "Come on Armella Belmont, you are not going to fall. You're stronger than this.", she gasped as she felt a shock throughout her body and her eyes flashed electric blue and her veins turned black. She grunted and closed her eyes, feeling the shock go away. When her eyes opened once more she was back to normal. She held her head as she fell backwards and sat down on the bed as she tried to contain her sobs. She growled and she shut her mind to the feelings she was fighting with, her eyes grew dark and were steeled. Her outfit changed to her dark mage armor and her sword was across her back. She stood up and walked down the stairs, "Armella, find out what you can about the Nercopolis.", she nodded, "Of course, Captain.", and she walked out the door. Ban followed, he frowned as she didn't even recognize him being there. "Armella.", she hummed as she saw two children, "Ban.", the girl fell, "Elaine?", and Armella rolled her eyes as she helped the child and Ban grunted. "What the hell?", a boy sobbed as he saw he had hurt Ban and Armella rolled her eyes and ripped the pitchfork through the man, "Hey!", she tossed the pitchfork aside and rolled her eyes, "It's not like you're going to die.", she blinked and chuckled as a spear went through Ban, "Hi Ban, Armella.", the girl nodded, "Well, it appears you two have business to handle. I'll take the children to the pub and feed them.", and went to walk away but the spear turned into little knives and flew toward her, she backflipped into the air and changed into her fairy armor and her twin blades appeared, "Counter Strike!", the knives flew backwards and she tilted her head, "Come on, King. I'm trying to get back to the Captain.", he sighed and noticed the darkness creeping around her, "Ban! What did you do!?", the immortal frowned, "What?", he glared, "Not only did you kill Elaine, you're killing Armella too!", Armella glanced down and she swallowed, "I'm going to go find the Captain.", it was a whisper and Ban frowned, "You're not fighting it?", she glanced at him as Elizabeth, Hawk, Meliodas, and Diane walked over, "I'm fighting it every second I can, Ban! If I weren't I'd be a dark elf right now. And I'm already transitioning! I can't be helped! I'm beyond help. The only thing I can do to delay the transition is to turn off my feelings and block the heart ache but I can't do that because if I do nothing will stop me from leave the Captain and Elizabeth. I made a promise, I gave my word, so I'm staying. Even if I die.", and she turned and walked away. King floating away as Diane and Meliodas spotted him.

Meliodas joined Armella in the little room she had slowly made her own. She sat with her knees up, her arms around her legs, and her chin resting on her knees. She had changed into a pair of black high waisted shorts, a white cropped bandage top, black knee high heeled boots, her hair was in a high sleek ponytail and jewelry adorned her arms and ears. She had a single necklace on. "Armella, you don't have to stay here if you can't.", she glanced at him, "I have my word. I will not abandon you and Elizabeth because of Ban.", Meliodas clenched his jaw, "It wouldn't be because of Ban! It would be because of your health. You're dying.", she glanced at him, "I'm not dying, Mel. I'm changing.", her eyes changed to the electric blue and her skin flashed a bluish white hue as the veins turned dark. "If I don't find love before we fight the Holy Knights, you're going to have to kill me.", he swallowed, "Once a being turns to a dark elf, all forms of relationships are severed and all a Dark elf wants is to end the people of their past self so they can move on. I will try to kill you and the others before hunting down Escanor, Merlin, and Gowther along with the King and the Holy Knights. I do not wish to become a killer, Meliodas. You must save me from myself. Promise me this.", he nodded and she softly smiled, "I promise. But I'm not giving up on you. Armella Belmont.", she smiled, "And I hope I don't give up on myself, Meliodas.", they hugged and she laid down on the bed, "What have we learned of the Necropolis?", Meliodas sighed, "Only one with emotions with the dead can open the gate.", she blinked, "Ban and Elaine. But he'll have to share his memory with the necropolis for us all to enter.", she stood up and changed a silver and white outfit, it wasn't exactly armor but it wasn't normal clothes either, and a bow and quiver went across her back and twin blades were holstered on either hip. Her hair was in an elegant half style with braids running throughout it and her ears were on show. Meliodas softly smiled, "Let's go to the necropolis. Wait. We have found Kinf, why are we going to the necropolis?", Meliodas shrugged, "The others want to try and find it.", she nodded and the two joined the others in the bar area, "Let's go.", and they walked away.

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