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Chaos of The No-Magic Badass! (Seven Deadly Sins x OP! Male Reader) by SmartNeoBoi
Chaos of The No-Magic Badass! ( Best Boi Neo
The land of Britannia is a world full of wonder where magic is abundant. In the kingdom of Liones, there are the Holy Knights, warriors who wield magic and have stories...
  • liones
  • nanatsunotaizai
  • sevendeadlysins
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Requiem For A Dream by Ashe_Hime
Requiem For A Dreamby Ashley S. Reynolds
Lucia Sai Fante,Princess of the Fante Kingdom is forced into a marriage with Prince Schneizel who is a mass manipulator. Little does he know Lucia cannot be easily used...
  • japanese
  • britannia
  • euphemia
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Code Geass x Reader by RosesandSundragons16
Code Geass x Readerby RubyRose16
One shots where you can finally be with the male Code Geass character of you dreams. • Lelouch Lamperouge/vi Britannia • Zero • Suzaku Kururugi • Rolo Lamperouge • Gino...
  • xreader
  • fanfiction
  • anime
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Prince of Britannia Emperor of the Chinese Federation by ScroogeMcduck03
Prince of Britannia Emperor of Lord Q
What if Lelouch's audience with the Emperor after his mother's death went differently. Lelouch is sent to The Chinese Federation, where he is to marry Empress Tianzi (Wh...
  • emperor
  • codegeass
  • anime
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A Phantom's Sins (Kamen Rider X Seven Deadly Sins) by RiderLegends
A Phantom's Sins (Kamen Rider X RiderLegends
Since the genesis of creation, a wandering soul wanders the land of Britannia. However, as if by chance, the soul met the legendary Sins and joined their merry band. Tog...
  • sevendeadlysins
  • kamen
  • hyrule
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The Knight Princess by IrelandNicole
The Knight Princessby Ireland Nicole
"10 years ago, it wasn't just the Seven Deadly Sins. If we're going to do this, we're going to do this right. We need to find Armella." 10 Years Ago a group of...
  • boar
  • magic
  • king
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The Eighth Sin of Despair -Seven Deadly Sins AU- Complete by Ellie2706
The Eighth Sin of Despair -Seven Ellie
Kimi has lost it all. Her family. Her lover. Her faith. She was never the same after that. After 9 years of taking off her mask she is the Kimi she once was. But one day...
  • hawk
  • king
  • ban
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Everlasting Flames ~Code Geass Fanfiction~ by ZibZib
Everlasting Flames ~Code Geass ZibZib
Name: Catherine Manson Age: 17 Nationality: Half-blood Britannian Father: Derek Manson (Britannian) Mother: Naomi Kurosawa (Japanese) Occupation: Student, member of Stud...
  • otaku
  • lelouch
  • britannia
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Revenge by thepitifulyou
Revengeby alien
SuzaLulu lemon! Warning: Mature content! Lelouch is being held captive by Britannia, and Suzaku takes it upon himself to dice out a special little something he likes to...
  • codegeass
  • suzakukururugi
  • bxb
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Light And Dark (Code Geass Fanfic) by DianeKatelynMascardo
Light And Dark (Code Geass Fanfic)by DIA-CHAN83
Lianna vi britannia is lelouch twin sister when marian's death, Charles decide lelouch and nunnally to go to japan while lianna will stay in the britannia The twins ups...
  • geass
  • clovis
  • britannia
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Ancient Viewing by Vigilant_Schemer
Ancient Viewingby Vigilant_Schemer
While the nations of today's world read about each other's secrets, the nations of the past watch on in anticipation as there plan unfolds.
  • secrets
  • panicattacks
  • yelling
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Alone Together [USUK] by Cantreller
Alone Together [USUK]by PunkyIggy
(Influenced by Fall Out Boy's 'Alone Together') England's endured many decades of teasing because of his 'imaginary' friends. One world meeting though, France crosses th...
  • history
  • hetalia
  • francis
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Who am I? What can I become? by Ellie2706
Who am I? What can I become?by Ellie
You know I'm not really good at descriptions so I will just give you the Prologue :) \/ \/ I hate to admit it but, I am about to give in. I'm about to turn myself in. I'...
  • sinofgreed
  • sevendeadlysins
  • gowther
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Tokyo Ghoul: Zero by TheAgent88
Tokyo Ghoul: Zeroby Expendable Asset
Tokyo Ghoul X Code Geass Spin-off to the Suicidal Ghoul After Kaneki's disappearence, Tokyo has been much more dangerous than ever after​ a masked man known as Zero decl...
  • dark
  • crossover
  • political
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For Us by ellielioness
For Usby read my books 💕
[Live Another Day series continued] This couple has been through a lot together. Perhaps they'll go through more, as well. Only time will tell. Elizabeth is coping with...
  • gowther
  • merlin
  • sevendeadlysins
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Geass Humor by ShadowTitan3637
Geass Humorby ShadowTitan3637
Memes that are so unreal...
  • lelouch
  • codegeass
  • suzaku
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Glee season 4-5 instagram  by Dove00
Glee season 4-5 instagram by Legends of Flarrow
Even though season 3 was the best, season 4 has one of my new favorites, Ryder. Sort of canon compliant. More adventures.
  • karley
  • britannia
  • jyder
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Code geass (lelouch's other sister) by otakuforlife1215
Code geass (lelouch's other sister)by Owl-chan
Lily vi Britannia was lelouch and nunnally's little sister. Lily was only one year younger then her sister. As lelouch had his rebellion Lily that about trying to stop t...
  • lelouch
  • kallen
  • nunnally
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The Heir of Geass by Luna_Uchiha1
The Heir of Geassby Luna Uchiha
What if Naruto was not the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. What if he was royalty?
  • lelouchvibritannia
  • danzo
  • madara
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Code Geass: Deal (Lelouch x Kallen) One-shot by DIM_Everlasting_Gaze
Code Geass: Deal (Lelouch x DIM_Everlasting_Gaze
Lelouch makes a deal involving a clueless Kallen
  • kozuki
  • black
  • cheese-kun
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