Chapter 3- The Woodland Tricksters

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Armella walked with Meliodas, Hawk, and Elizabeth, she had changed back into her outfit from Vayna and her hood was once again covering her face. "Why do you keep your hood up?", Armella glanced at Meliodas, "Because I've been in hiding for 10 years. My hood has been up for 10 years. Only the people of Elton have seen me regularly without my hood and I'd like to keep it that way.", her voice was slightly clipped and her hands tight as she held her bow and an arrow. Meliodas sighed, "Armella-", but he was cut off as Elizabeth shrieked, Armella turned around to see the Princess freaking out about her underwear missing and she clenched her jaw as she jogged ahead and Meliodas glanced down.

10 Years Ago

"C'mon on El, why won't you tell me who you like? I told you!", the red head glanced at the Giant beside her, "You tell everyone about your crush on the Captain, Diane. Everyone knows.", the giant squealed and hid her face, "Everyone?", the red-head nodded, "Yes, Diane. Besides, it doesn't matter. I won't act on it. We can't afford for me too.", Diane gasped, "That means you like one of us Sins!", Armella rolled her eyes, "It doesn't matter Diane. I wouldn't act on it.", her blue eyes fell on the man of her affection but she played it off, "I've watched every person I love die, I won't subject him to the curse of me loving him openly.", Diane frowned as Armella jumped from the wall's edge and walked away, the Giant sighing. Armella grabbed the necklace she always wore and Meliodas noticed, "What's wrong, Mel?", she softly smiled, "Nothing, Captain. I'm just thinking of the past.", she tilted her head and her hair moved to show her slightly pointed ears and Meliodas stood beside her, "Are you ever going to tell the others that you're not human?", she glanced down, "Are you?", he glanced at her and she sighed. "None of them need to know. Nor does the world. I'm the last of my kind, I'm sure there's a heavy price on my head without us even knowing.", Meliodas nodded and she softly smiled as she glanced out over the city, "One day this will all be gone and some of us shall still be here. The world will change and we won't.", Ban walked over and spoke in his drawn out and deep voice, "Captain, Mella; what are we talking about?", the red-head smirked as she pushed away from the wall with a sigh, "How we're all going to grow tired of you and leave you in the dust during one of our missions.", Ban laughed and she chuckled as she walked away, her hands behind her back. Ban watched her and Meliodas gave him a gentle nudge, "Go after her.", Ban scoffed, "What are you on about?", Meliodas smirked, "You like Armella and she was just flirting.", Ban rolled his eyes. "Mella doesn't like me like that, she likes you like that.", Meliodas made a face, "Gross. Armella is like my sister. No.", Ban raised an eyebrow, "How long have you two even known each other?", Meliodas made a face, "I honestly don't know.", Ban watched as she helped some of the children, one of them being Zaratras' son Gilthunder. She laughed as she played with them and she smiled as she told them that she had to be going but promised to play with them again. Ban wandered after her and paused as one of the kids bumped into him and he helped her up, when he glanced up, Armella was gone. He walked the direction she was going in and he nearly screamed as he was pulled into an alleyway and was met with a sword to the throat, "Ban! Why in the hell were you following me?", he gulped but rolled his eyes as he pushed her sword's blade away from his throat. "You seemed upset when you were talking to the Captain. I just wanted you to know that you don't only have to talk to the Captain about things.", she softly smiled and put her sword away, it vanished with a colorful glow. "I know, but it's easier to talk to Meliodas. We have similar pasts.", Ban frowned, "Meliodas is like 1000 times you're age.", she rolled her eyes and made a face, "How do you know I'm not older than I appear?", she raised an eyebrow, "You could be, you act much older than you look most of the time but sometimes a young woman breaks through.", she softly smiled, "A past of death will cause one to age, even if just a small bit.", she stepped backwards and Ban watched as she walked away.


Meliodas watched as Armella paused and her sword appeared. She blinked, "Someone is out here.", she frowned, "Protect the Princess.", that's when they heard Hawk freaking out and turned to see about 20 Hawks. They raised their eyebrows, "Can you tell between them?", Meliodas shook his head and they heard a bunch of Elizabeths. "You sort this. I think I know who is hiding here.", he nodded and she jogged away but grunted as she was struck with lightning, she fell and Elizabeth and Hawk ran over, "Mel!", Meliodas jumped in front of her and blocked the blow from Gilthunder. The red head coughed as she stood and her hood fell. Her outfit changed to her classic armor, "Little Gil.", the man paused, "Armella.", she raised an eyebrow and blinked, "You've grown up.", he hummed, "And you've not changed at all.", she shrugged, "Some of us are blessed that way.", she moved her sword and she blocked his blow. She shoved him back. Her eyebrows set and her jaw clenched. "You aren't my target today, Lady Armella.", she rolled her eyes, "I'm not an actual Princess.", she shook her head, "The Captain is and you won't lay your hands on him. Not while I still breath.", Meliodas stepped up beside Armella and they shared a look and a nod, "Elizabeth, Hawk. Further up there's someone sleeping. Wake them and tell them Captain and Armella have need of them.", they nodded and ran. Gilthunder raised an eyebrow, "Still willing to risk it all for someone who can't be killed.", she tilted her head, "You confuse him for someone else.", Gilthunder chuckled, "Right.", and he slammed his sword toward her, but she blocked it from hitting her armor. He shocked her again and she laughed as her eyes glowed with it, "You can't beat me, Gilthunder. I have more training than anyone knows.", he smirked, "I found my father's journal after his death, he wrote about you. He seemed to think you weren't human.", she raised her eyebrow, "And why would he think that?", Gilthunder moved quickly and was behind her with a swing of his sword but she stopped it inches from contact. She blinked, "Hmm. Right.", she sighed in annoyance, "I hate to do this, Gil, but we have a job to do. So. Counter Blast!", and Gilthunder was hit with all his power multipled by 2 that had been thrown at her. "Bye.", she nodded at Meliodas and ran off in the direction Elizabeth and Hawk went in.

Diane glared at the girl and pig in front of her, "How did you find me? How did you get through the forest?", her head snapped up, "Diane!", the giant smiled, "El!", she stopped by Elizabeth and Hawk, "Captain and I are with the Princess and Sir Hawk. But there's a Holy Knight here. We've been fighting him off. The Captain is handling him now. But we should join him quickly.", the giant nodded and the group ran back toward Meliodas, "I'm done fighting now.", Gil frowned, "Oh. I see. You pulled back your punches and got me to give you information about your comrades.", she raised an eyebrow as she walked over, "And we plan to gather our comrades to save the kingdom from whatever you all have planned.", Gilthunder frowned, "I know you, Gilthunder. I know how seriously you took your job of serving the king. You wouldn't have turned against him. Therefore I know something is wrong and your beloved is in danger. Now. If you'll excuse me. I'm done with this conversation.", Armella flashed a smile as he was grabbed by Diane and he used his magic making her drop him, "Double Strike!", her sword had turned into a massive bat and she smiled as Gilthunder flew, "I think that's a personal best.", her outfit changed and Meliodas and Elizabeth frowned, "Armella.", she glanced at her shoulder, which was gushing blood. "I didn't even feel it. I'm fine. Come on. We have to get to Baste Prison.", she took a few steps and fell, "El!", "Mel!", Meliodas caught her, "She needs a doctor.", and the group ran to the next town, thankfully it was near Baste.

In a small little cell, chained to a wall, was a very hairy Ban, two guards were talking, "Gilthunder fought Meliodas and Lady Armella in the White forest. He said they were heading this way. We need more security on Ban.", another guard spoke, "No number of guards will keep Lady Armella from Ban.", the man in the cell smirked, "I knew she'd come for me.", and he broke out of his chains and the guards gapped, "You can't break out of here!", Ban sighed, "I can and I will. If Captain and Mella are getting the Sins back together that means something interesting is going to happen. Besides, while no amount of guards can keep Mella away from me, nothing will keep me awake from her. If she's coming, I'm going to need to look my best.", and that's when he broke out, "Meaning I'll be needing new clothes and a trim, say, are any of you a barber?", and that's when he was struck, but he had moved. He smirked, "Hopefully she doesn't think I took too much off.", his face was clean and his hair short. "She always liked my hair a little bit longer but I'm sure she won't mind this. Thank you Barber.", and he grabbed the guard. The guard said something but he wasn't listening, "Dang it. Your armor isn't going to fit. It's such nice armor too. Oh well. I'll find something else. I don't want to look bad for my girl.", and he threw the guard and he walked around the Prison, finding some clothes. Ban passed a mirror and he grinned as he saw himself, "She won't be able to keep her hands off me.", but then in his mind he saw blonde hair and big blue eyes. "Elaine.", and his heart stopped for a moment. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before leaving the room and walking around the prison.

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