Prelude- 10 Years Ago

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  The hallway of the Castle Of Liones was filled with talk and laughter as the Holy Knight group known as the Seven Deadly Sins made their way toward Grandmaster Zaratras' Office. The drawn out, deep voice of the Fox Sin, Ban, filled the air, "Hey Captain, why were we called to Zaratras' office anyways?", Ban stood at around 6'8 and was all muscle with white hair and maroon eyes. He was an immortal being. The Captain, The Dragon Sin, Meliodas sighed, "I'm not really sure.", he glanced back at him team, with farrowed eyebrows. Meliodas stood at 5'0 even, with yellow blonde hair and green eyes, "Where's Mel?", the others looked around and frowned. Where the Sins were the Holy Knight Armella usually followed. Armella was a Holy Knight of her own caliber. She stood at 5'6 with long bright red hair and sea blue eyes. "Meliodas!", the group turned to see said girl in a white and blue outfit, the skirt stopping just above her mid-thigh, Meliodas rose an eyebrow, "Mel, now isn't the-", "Nows not the time, Meliodas. Someone has conspired against you. You guys need to leave.", her eyes widened as she turned toward the walls of the castle, "It's too late. Come on.", and she ran off, the group following as she stopped at Zaratras' office. "The Grandmaster has been murdered and you all have been framed. The Holy Knights are gearing up for a war against you.", they all looked at her and she softly smiled as her body was surrounded in a rainbow glow and her little outfit was changed for a suit of grey and teal armor that was very revealing. She held a sword in her hands and her hair was held by a matching head band, her boots resting on her thighs. "If we leave, you do too.", she softly smiled at the group. "Someone has to save your asses.", her eyes widened, "They're already here. Go! Go!", she grabbed Meliodas and handed him a small blade, "It's not much but just know that I will come back for this blade, Captain. I swear it.", he nodded and the Seven Deadly Sins ran off, Merlin stopping Meliodas and wiping his memory of something. Merlin, the Boar Sin, stood at 5'8 with short black hair and green eyes. She used her magic and knocked Armella out, the Knight Princess falling to the castle floor in her armor that changed back to her shirt and skirt. Merlin looked at Meliodas, "Get her out of here.", the Captain nodded and he grabbed the girl, "I promise, Armella. We will all be together again.", and they ran. The group going their different ways, not knowing this was the last time they'd see each other for a decade. Ban glanced at the knocked out Armella and raised an eyebrow, "Captain, she's going to be a handful when she wakes up.", the Captain shrugged, "She'll get over it.", and he took her with him.

Meliodas sighed as she was still knocked out and they had gotten quite far away from the castle. Night had fallen and Meliodas frowned. They'd have to stop for the night. But they couldn't stop together. He found a house and laid Armella on the steps, he caressed her face and placed a kiss on her forehead. "I'll find you again, Armella Belmont. I promise.", Meliodas knocked on the door and then jumped away from the house, he watched as a younger woman opened the door with brown hair and matching eyes, "Grandpa! It's a girl!", and an elderly man walked over, "Get her in, Levi! Help your sister!", and a young man with black hair and grey eyes picked Armella up. Meliodas watched as they checked her for injury and let her rest in a spare bedroom, "What happens when she wakes up?", the grandfather glanced out the window, his eyes seemingly to fall Meliodas, "We let her decide. We can't force her to stay but we can make sure she's well enough to go if that's what she decides to do. Someone left her here, she'll want to be back with them.", and Meliodas left the little town.

The next day Armella woke with a start. Her sea blue eyes wide and her red hair a mess. She narrowed her eyes as she saw the black haired, grey eyed boy. Her outfit changed and she was in a black outfit and her hair was in a ponytail. "Where am I? How did I get here?", the Boy's eyes were wide, "Whoa! Hey! You're safe. You were dropped here last night.", she swallowed, "No. Who was with me?", her blue eyes were wide. "I don't know. They dropped you on the steps and left.", she frowned. So she was with Ban or Meliodas. Diane would have taken her with and King wouldn't have carried her; he'd of gone toward the Fairy King's forest. Merlin and Escanor would have gone together to a place where magic was accepted. No. They would have split. Escanor would be near Merlin though. She shook her head. "Zaratras. No.", she placed a hand on her forehead and winced, "What the hell? Merlin. What did you do?", her eyes widened, "Your town bulletin. Where is it?", the boy frowned. "Right by here.", she jumped up in her black outfit, a pair of pants that were tight at the ankle and puffy up the leg and then tightened at the waist and a cropped black shirt that tightened at the bottom of her rips and across her collarbones, the sleeves hanging on her biceps. She had two golden hoop ear rings in and a sword in a hilt was around her hips. Her shoes were black boots that disappeared under her pants and she had a single black fingerless glove on and a golden necklace. She ran from the room and out of the house, ignoring the elderly man and young girl. "It's as I thought. It's Armella Belmont, the Knight Princess.", Levi looked at his grandfather with wide eyes. Armella's eyes filled with tears, "No, this is wrong.", the family watched as her shoulder shook and her forehead rested against the board. It was early morning, the sun just breaking over the horizon. The grandfather walked outside, "I don't know what happened but you need to stand with your family. And right now every Holy Knight Of Liones is looking for them. Which means they're looking for you. If they can't find the Sins, they'll draw them out.", Armella nodded as her outfit changed and she was wearing a brown and green outfit and her hair in a half up/half down style with a braid down the middle of the back of her head and a bow and quiver across her back. "Here.", the grandfather gave her a coin purse and she softly smiled, "I'll pay you back.", her eyes widened as she felt Holy Knights approaching and she was gone with a jump and some running, into a forest just north of the little city she was in, known as the Goblin Forest because weird things happened in the forest and most people didn't dare venture into the forest.

Armella walked along the woods with an arrow notched, her eyes scanning the trees and her surroundings. She felt a presence behind her and she felt her hand tighten as she glanced over her shoulder. She spun and in one smooth motion she pulled the arrow back and released it. Her eyes widening as the young white stag dodged the arrow. "I'm sorry, little guy.", she put the bow away and raised her hands and the stag approached her. It nudged her palm and she softly smiled, "Hi. I'm Armel-.", she paused, "I'm Ren. I need a place to stay. I'm in some trouble.", the stag blew air and pawed the dirt and then bowed, she got onto its back and disappeared into the forest, Armella not noticing as the trees moved to conceal the pair. The stag had taken her to a small clearing that head a little cave, a small spring, and some berry plants. She noticed the fish in the water and she softly smiled as saw a bedding area of the stag, "Thank you.", the stag nodded and she got into her bag that had been equipped with a flash of rainbow color, she had an apple in her hand and she held it out to the stag, one took a bite and she smiled, "Ren and Nik, we shall make a good team.", the stag nodded and she sighed as she walked into the little cave and set her bag down. Her mind going back to the board. The Sins were wanted and she was at risk of being used as bait for them. She wouldn't allow that. She would clear their names and then she'd seek them out.

The grandfather led two of the Holy Knights to the forestline, "This is our forest. No one has come through here in weeks. The forest is magical and mischievous. Even us locals don't dare going in to far without fear of becoming lost.", the younger Holy Knight looked at the old man, "What do you mean?", the old man laughed, "The trees move and the animals talk. They don't like being bothered. We leave them alone and they leave us alone.", the Holy Knights watched as in the distance one of the trees seemed to move and they gulped, "We believe you. If you see a woman with red hair and blue eyes, just send her back to Liones. The King has need of her.", the grandfather nodded and smiled, "Of course.", Levi walked out of their house, "Grandfather! The food is ready!", he nodded and excused himself as he glanced into the forest the stag showed itself and gave a nod toward the old man. The forest would protect and accept the girl. The kingdom would not get her. And they would wait for the Captain Meliodas to come and claim her from her cave. The fish agreed to be her food source and the old man would have food sent in every few days too. Because the residents of this little village were all magical and didn't believe the sins had killed Zaratras and they wouldn't allow the murderers to use one of their own against her family.

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