Melt My Frozen Heart - 7

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I skipped happily into the building as I sipped from my cup of caramel frapachino. I grinned at Aiden, who was glaring slightly at the ground. Everyone else had dispersed to go to their classes. Aiden was just walking me to the office so I could get my schedule. I walked over to him and bumped hips with him. 

"What the matter, Ai-bear?" I teased, knowing that he was a it mad about giving in to me and driving me to Starbucks. But his irritation seemed to rise when I used his "special" nickname. 

"... nothing..." he s aid, shoving his hands into his pockets. After walking in silence, I saw him smirk at me out of the corner of my eyes. Before I could hide my drink, he snatched it out of my hands and started slurping my coffee happily in front of me. But I just shrugged. This was pretty much our usual thing. I would buy a drink. He would pout. Then he stole the rest of my drink. The usual between the two of us. 

Soon we reached the office. I stepped inside while Aiden waited outside, saying something about how he should be in class. After getting my schedule from this mousy women who was just too nosy for her own good, I stepped back outside and looked over my schedule.


H. Algebra II~ Peterson

Gym~ Moa




English~ Ng

H. World History~ Morris

Japanese II~Kimura

Aiden rested his head on my shoulder as he looked over my schedule. 

"Hey, we have math, lunch, and English together!"

I smiled at him. "Then I'll see you in first period?'

He nodded before he walked off to his homeroom. I sighed before I glanced down at the papers in my hand, trying to find my class. I eventually did, with only 5 minutes to spare. But the teacher was...okay, I guess. 

And this was the start of the first day here at Warriors High

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