Melt My Frozen Heart - 24

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I felt the bed under me shift, causing my eyes to shoot open. I blinked several times, very disoriented as i tried to remember what happen and where I was. I rubbed my eyes and turned around to see Aiden grinning sheepishly. 

The events that happened before I fell asleep rushed to my head and I threw myself at him, giving him a tight hug. I felt tears slowly leak through my eyes, a frantic Aiden asking me what was wrong. 

I shook my head looking up to see his face. "i'm so glad you're alright."

He blushed a dark red, letting his black fringe cover his eyes. "Ah, um...I couldn't...ah...just watch as know..."

I giggled as he stumbled over his explanation, his blush growing even darker. I just hugged him tighter, feeling his arms wrap themselves around me. I pulled back and took a good look at him, letting a gasp escape my lips. 

His lip was already swelling, dried blood coming from a cut on his cheek. He already had a black eye forming and from what I could tell from his hesitant movement, he had several bruises covering the torso of his body I felt tears start to prick the back of my eyes. I shook my head, shaking away the feeling before I got up and took Aiden's hand, taking him to the bathroom. 

"Where's your medical kit?" I asked him, forcing him to sit at the edge of the bathtub. He sighed before he pointed to under the sink. 

"You don't need to worry so much. I'm actually perfectly healthy compared to Ryder."

I ignored him as I continued to rummaged around for it, finding it in the very back of the enclosed space. I pulled it out and placed it on the sink, opening the case up to look for what I needed. I picked up a cotton ball and soaked it with hydrogen peroxide, going over to Aiden.

"Sorry...this might hurt a bit," I said, dabbing at his cut with the cotton ball. He winced, his fist clenching as I hurriedly blew on his cut, hoping that it would help at least a little bit. I kept dabbing at it until I was sure that it wouldn't be infected before I looked around his body for more cuts. 

"Uh...can you take your shirt you, ah, know...I can look and..." I trailed off, wanting to bang my head at my awkwardness. But he just chuckled, shedding his shirt off of him. I gawked at his torso, taking in the bruises and the fact that his body was ... well... godly. I shook my head and blushed, taking a good look at his body for any cuts. When I was sure I that his only cut was on his cheek, I went over to the sink and picked up a bandaid, smirking to myself as I placed antibiotics on the bandaid, placing it on his cheek. The group of Cullen vampires stared back at me, causing me to chuckle. 

Aiden gave me a look as he peered into the mirror, scowling at his reflection. "At least you look a lot sexier than the whole lot," I said without thinking, quickly slapping a hand over my mouth as I blushed. 

He smirked at me. "So I'm sexier than sparking vampires?"

I decided to ignore his question, although I could feel myself blush even more. I made him sit on the bathtub once again as I grabbed a towel and ran down to the kitchen. 

"Stay right there," I told him before dashing off, thanking the gods when I saw Colton in the kitchen. 

He took one look at me and the towel in hand before he sighed, thrusting a bowl of ice at me. 

"Tell my brother that he got guts and to use protection."

I swear my face was like a tomato as I dashed back to the bathroom to see Aiden chuckling. 

"What?" I questioned him as I took about half the ice in the bowl and wrapped it in the towel, placing the makeshift ice pack on his stomach. 

He shook his head, looking out the door. "My brother should really get his mind out of the gutter."

I bit my lip in hopes of trying to control my blush, only to fail. He chuckled before he placed one of his hands on my hand that held the ice. 

"So, Colton told me something very interesting when i came in the house after Ryder went unconscious." 

I raised my eyebrow at this. "...Is that what you meant when you said you're better off than Ryder?"

He chuckled before he nodded. "Of course. Now are you going to guess?"

I sighed before I bit my lip, trying to think of what Colton could have told Aiden. Then the memory of my half-asleep state entered my mind, about my conversation with Colton about Aiden. Oh god, i hope he didn't...

"He said that you like me."


"And you know what?"

"...what?" I asked, somewhat reluctantly, hoping for the best. 

He leaned his face close to mine, bringing his free hand up to cup my face, bringing our face closer and closer until our foreheads were touching, our lips barely brushing each others. 

"I like you so much, Rose." And with that, he pressed his lips against mine, a pleasant shiver running up and down my spine as I shyly kissed back, feeling him smirk into the kiss. 

We pulled away after some much needed air, gasping for breath. I leaned my head on his shoulder as his hand left my cheek to run through my hair. 

"Rose, will you be my girlfriend?"

I sat up and smiled at him, pressing my lips against his own. 


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