Melt My Frozen Heart - 11

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I laughed out to the world as I escaped the hell. I smiled as I ran over to my new friend that I met during lunch when I was booted off my friends table as they decided to talk about something in secret without me. “Hey Dylan!” I said, hugging him from the back when I spotted him by himself. I smiled down at me. “Hey Rose,” he said. I was so glad I got to know this kid. Apparently, he’s in half of my classes. Heh heh, nice going me. I mentally sweatdropped at my thoughts. Anyways, I dragged him over to my other friends. “Have you met my friends?” I asked him as I pointed to the somewhat small group of people. He looked thoughtful before shaking his head. I laughed as I pulled him over. 

“HI EVERYONE!” I shouted into Ayden’s ear, causing him to shout in surprise. I laughed as he glared at me. I stuck my tongue out at him as I hugged my new friend. “Everyone, this is my new friend, Dylan. He is currently my bestest bestest friend and I’m going to his house now,” I said dramatically as I got an array of different looks from everyone. Dylan looked like he was trying very hard not to laugh. I had already asked if I could hang out with him at his place after school. I stuck my tongue out at al of them. “He was the only one who wanted to talk to me during lunch today, I said, I smug smirk filling my face. “So stay out of my house today, m’kay?” I said as I started pulling Dyland behind me. “I would run now if you don’t want to be killed,” I whispered to Dylan, who only smiled and s tarted to run towards his house, I think, as I followed right behind him, my friends footsteps echoeing through the air. I just laughed as we took a lot of turns and twists, jumping over many small objects. Soon, we reached his house, after losing my friends somewhere. I sighed as I laid on the grass. 

“ROSALIND!” I heard, groaning as I let profanities slip under my breath. Dylan laughed as he entered his house to put his bag away. I lost all of my breath as Colton jumped on me. “I found you!” He said, hugging me to him tightly. “We’re so sorry Rosalind! We didn’t mean to be so mean to you during lunch.” I giggled as I tried to pull away from him. “Fine, you’re all forgiven…but how did you find Dylan’s house?” I asked, confused.

Colton blinked before he pointed to the house next to Dylan’s house. I blinked as I looked at the house, mentally hitting my head as I saw my house right next door. 

“…so you guys gave up looking for me to come home and coincidently found Dylan and me?” I asked.

“Yup,” he said, smiling. I shook my head before I ran up to Dylan’s door and knocked, waiting for my friend to open the door. He opened the dor and I grapped his hand and pulled him over to my house. “Looks like we’re neighbors, my dear friend.” He laughed as he followed me into my house, not surprised to see the twins, Brayden, Kaipo, and Ryder in my room already. 

“Hey, when did you guys decide to make my house your headquarters?” I aked playfully as I went over to my bed and pushed Brayden off the bed and took his spot next to Ryder. He just playfully glared before lying on his stomach on the ground. “When did you decide to become friends with us?” Ryder shot back, watching me as I shifted so I was now lying on my stomach and resting my chin on my arms. 

“Eh…I had no choice to become friends with you. You were friends of Aiden and Colton.” I said, winking an eye at him to show him I was just joking. He playfully pushed my shoulder before leaning on top of my pillow. I playfully pouted before I turned my attention to the group on a whole. “What should we do now?”

“Let’s play a game!” I heard Brayden shout out. I shrugged as I looked around at the agreeing faces of my friends. “M’kay then. What game, Bray?” I asked him.

“Truth or Dare!” 

I glanced over at Haley, who just shrugged. “Eh…sure?” I said, not entirely sure this game was fair.

“Who’s first?” Dylan asked, interest slowly filling his eyes. 

I rolled my eyes. “Go spin a damn bottle,” I suggested, closing my eyes. I heard a clamor of footsteps before I decided to open my eyes. There was a empty sprite bottle in the middle of the room. I sighed as everyone shifted so we had a makeshift circle. I didn’t think they would take me seriously. 

“Since Bray decided to play this game, he can spin first.” Haley said, handing him the bottle. He shrugged before spinning the bottle, landing on Ryder. Ryder smirked before taking the bottle and spinning it. And of course, it had to land on me. 

“….shit….” I said, bringing my head down so that my hair covered my face. “Why do I get interrogated first?” I asked dramatically. I heard a few chuckles before I sighed again. “Er…I pick truth. “

“Okay…Who do you like like?” he asked, curiosity in his voice.

A dark red blush filling my face as everyone stared at me. I then thought of something and grinned. “Ronnie Radke,” I said, laughing at my friends shocked face.

“What? You guys should know how much I adore him,” I teased, sticking my tongue out at Ryder. He pouted a bit before spinning the bottle, the open end of it pointing at Haley. 

“Go Haley!” I cheered.

She just shook her head before she started muttering profanities under her breath. I think that were directed towards me. She glanced around the circle before it stopped at Dylan. I inwardly groaned as I looked at my poor friend. 

“Dylan!” she practically shouted. 

He jumped and looked at her. Eh…looked like he wasn’t paying attention. “er…truth?” he asked, looking at her as if she’ll throw rotten fish at him. 

She smiled. “Would you rather play 15 minutes in heaven with Megan Fox or go talk to Channing Tatum?” 

Me and Dylan started laughing, the answer so obvious. “Go talk to Channing Tatum,” he said, winking at her. 

I laughed at her face. I doubt she was expecting that. “I forgot to tell you guys that,” I said, pulling my thinking face on.


“I'm bi,” Dylan said.

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