Melt My Frozen Heart - 22

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I laid down on my bed, watching the fan above me twirl around in circles in a slow, lazy-like way, adding to the slowness of this saturday. I just sighed before i turned on my side, picking up the note on my table, reading it through. 

Dear Rose,

I took Alex to go see my sister. We'll be back next week. Left some money on the table for you. 


I sighed, notting her rushed chicken-scratch handiwork. I got up and walked down to the kitchen, looking around until I saw a package of saimin. I shrugged before i got out a pan to start making it, my thoughts drifting over to Aiden. 

Why did I care when he get so angry? Or why did I even care that he knew.

I had ended up telling Hayley and Dylan what had happened. But even they didn't get as mad as Aiden did. It confused me. 

And why did I feel so hurt yesterday?

It's not like it was any of his business to know, right? Or that it was all my fault. But I can still remember the pain I felt yesterday. I shuddered, feeling a small portion of it hit me. 

I cursed when I heard the burner hiss, noticing the pot boiling over. i quickly lowered the heat, putting the noodles in. As the water boiled, cooking the noodles, I looked up at the picture of my mom and dad that Susie kept in her kitchen. I felt a heavy thud in my stomach as I realized why.

Why it hurt yesterday. Why I cared if he of all people knew. Why I cared if he got angry. 

I quickly turned the fire off and ran to the door, throwing a jacket over me and swinging open the door, ready to run next door. But instead, I ran into a body, causing the both of us to fall down. I jumped up and apologized, freezing as I realized who I had just ran into. 


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