Melt My Frozen Heart - 3

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As I stepped out of the door, I gave a high squeak as a football came hurtling towards my face. I quickly ducked, hearing the soft thud as the ball hit the wall and landed on my back. I just sighed as I heard a voice call my name frantically. 

"Rosalind! Rosalind! Are you okay?" I looked up to see Alex running my way. Apparently, he took my answer as a no and started to run faster...Causing him to run straight into me. 

"Oof. Are you okay Alex?" 

He looked at me, confusion and curiosity claiming his face. Such an...interesting combination. 


"Hey Alex, who is this?"

I looked up to see a boy around my age, maybe a couple years older. 

"Er, hi?" I managed to get out, confused as I felt heat start to slowly make its way onto my face. 

He smiled at me as he held both his hands out. Alex grabbed one and I grabbed the other. 

"Thank you. My name's Rosalind, by the way."


"I'M AIDEN!" I heard someone yell, i peeked behind Colton to see another kid, who looked very similar to Colton.

"...Are you guys brothers?"

"Twins, actually." Colton said, looking over at his brother, who had started chasing Alex. 

"Oh, yeah, sorry about the football being thrown at you."

I smiled, "its okay. Alex, I'm going to go for a bit. I'll be back later, kay?"

He nodded as he continued running. 

"Bye Colton. Bye Aiden."

i heard a chorus of byes as I started walking down the sidewalk.

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