Melt My Frozen Heart - 23

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I growled at him as I pushed past him, closing the door behind me. But he continued to follow me as I walked towards Aiden's house. 

"Rose, just listen to me. Give me another chance."

I ignored him, starting to walk towards Aiden's door. But Ryder stopped me, grabbing my arm and jerking me back. I glared at him as I tried desperately to pull my arm away from his grip, which only tightened painfully. I winced before I turned my glare back to him. 

"What the hell do you want?" I finally asked, still trying to get my arm back.

"I want you to go out with me," he said, not releasing my arm from his grasp. I gaped at him, wondering what the hell he's been taking. 

"How the fuck can you ask me that, douche-bag?" I screamed at him, anger pulsating through my veins. "You're the dick that went around saying that you'd wait and spending all that fucking time, making me believe that you actually meant it, getting to the point where you almost kiss me and then you have guts to ask me to go out with you? What the hells wrong with you!"

He glared at me, crushing my arm in the process. I yelped, tears starting to fill my eyes. He ignored my tears, crashing his lips onto my own. I tried to push him away, but his fingernails dug into my skin, forcing even more tears to fall. But a blur knocked him away, causing me to crash to the ground, his grip finally releasing my arm. 

I rolled away from his general direction and sat up my hand clamped over my sore arm as I watched Aiden and Ryder throwing their fists at each other's face. I jerked when I felt a hand gently grab hold of me, tugging me up and leading me towards the Wyatt's house. I glanced up with a blurry vision to see Colton, his face indifferent, staring straight ahead. I moved closer to him, causing him to look down at me and his face softened. He continued to lead me through the house until he sat me on the chair, walking out of the room only to return a few seconds later with water and Advil, giving them to me. 

I dry swallowed the pills, placing the water on the table. 

"Aren't we going to stop them?"

He shrugged, looking out the window to watch the two guys. "It's best that we don't get involved in it right now. Besides, they're both holding up their own and it seems that they're starting to tire."

i glanced outside just in time to see Aiden's fist land on Ryder's stomach. I winced, looking away from the scene. Colton sighed before he took my hand and lead me upstairs, opening the door to one of the rooms and pushing me onto the bed. I sighed, trying to get up. Colton only pushed my shoulders back down, placing the blanket over me.

"Here, go take a nap. It looks like you need it."

"But I got to tell Aiden that-"

"That your sorry or that you like him?"

I blushed, hiding my face under the blanket as Colton laughed. 

"Don't worry. When you wake up, you can tell Aiden, okay?"

I nodded tentatively before I felt my eyelids grow heavier, falling deeper and deeper into darkness. 

"Hey Colton?" I asked, sleep slightly muffling my voice. 


"How did you know I liked him?"

He didn't say anything for a while and I thought that maybe he had decided to not answer. But just as I was about to succumb to the darkness, his voice broke through the silence.

"It's the way you guys look at each other and how you act around the other and how you guys act when you guys aren't together. It's like you guys need each other to live. These past few weeks you guys were mad at each both acted like zombies. I knew how much it was hurting Aiden and Hayley told me what happened in the bathroom. So I just kinda guessed and you confirmed it."

I nodded my head, not even bothering to open my eyes. I heard him chuckle before he kissed my forehead, murmuring a good night before I fell into unconsciousness.

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