Melt My Frozen Heart - 14

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I stared blankly at the white roof as I laid down on the ground. Colton, Aiden, Dylan, Ryder, Kaipo, and Brayden were all hanging out at the twins house as I stayed in my own house.. I sighed before I rolled over on my stomach and called the guys. . 

"...I can't believe you got us kicked out of Ala Moana for a month," I said bluntly, once Aiden answered the phone. 

I could picture Aiden and Colton just rolling their eyes. They're probably used to getting kicked out of places. I heard him fiddle with his phone before I recognized the extra noise that started to come through was a result of being put on speakerphone. 

"And we keep telling you," Aiden started.

"You should believe it." Colton finished. "It's really simple to get kicked out. All you have to do is make sure the tourist there are bothered, then the security guards kick you out."

I rolled my eyes at them. "So we have to pay for you guys being stupid?"

"Yup" the twins said in unison. I huffed in annoyance before I sat up. "Aiden. Colton. You guys are hereby band from my house until midnight tonight."

"Seriously?" Aiden asked, skeptical of my outburst.

I scrunched my nose up. "Yes, I'm serious, you doofuses."

With that, I heard the phone click, switching to the dial tone. 

I sighed before I glanced at the clock. 12:38.

Eh...I'm hungry now. I got up and walked over to the twins house. 

"Aiden! Colton! Open up!" I yelled, waiting for them to quit fighting. Soon Aiden and Colton's head popped out. "Yes?"

"...Can we please go out and get food?"

They shrugged before they went to gather everyone up. Soon enough, we all were in a booth at ihop's in windward mall, just laughing at every small thing. Soon, we were done eating and we decided to walk around mall before we left to go home. But within 10 minutes, everyone had ditched me and Ryder, with none of them answering their phones.

"...Those jerks," I said, snapping my phone shut. "They could have at least given my wallet back to me before they left."

Ryder just chuckled before he looked around. "Where do you want to go?" I asked him, since I really didn't have the money to buy anything. 

"Um...let's go get some ice cream," he suggested, already walking to Farrel's. I quickly tried to catch up to him. "But I don't have money," I said, trying to get him to change his mind. "Nah, it's my treat," he said, already telling the hostess that he wanted table. Soon, we were seated in a very loud restaurant with a very ... interesting atmosphere, waiting for our ice creams to come. 

"'s life?" I asked him, trying to break the awkward silence between us. 

"It's ... very good at the moment," h said, leaning his head on his hands. "What about you?"

I just shrugged, not really wanting to go into details. "You know, just same old thing happening."

He nodded, not looking like he believed me. But he just let it go. "Um... Rose?"


He opened his mouth to answer, but he was cut off by the very loud waitress, who seemed to be screaming every word with preppiness dripping off. 

"Okay, so here's your chocolate fudge sundae!" she yelled, placing a bowl in front of Ryder. "And here's your Raspberry Fields!" she turned to me, dropping the bowl before she hurried away. I mentally sweat dropped. What does she eat?

I glanced at Ryder before we both start cracking up, practically sliding out of our seats. The other costumers gave us weird looks, but we just ignored them. Once we sobered up, I picked my spoon up and took a bite out of my ice cream. "What were you going to say?" I asked Ryder, remembering how he was cut off by the waitress. 

"Oh..." his cheeks were now painted as he fidgeted with his ice cream. "Um...I was going to ask you if... you'd maybe want to... er... maybe go out with me sometime?"

I dropped my spoon, a cold hand clenching my heart. 


And then I fainted.

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