Melt My Frozen Heart - 6

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I sighed sadly as I stepped of the bus, looking around at the place where I would be kept for hours on end being tortured for the next 3 years. Warrior High School. I sighed as I glanced at the different groups. The obvious biggest one was full of girls wearing pink, all talking in their shrill voiced as they talked unnecessarily loud, and guys who tossed a football around as they acted like morons. I'm assuming they would be what some people would consider the "preps and jocks". Then we just had everyone else, all broken into smaller groups, yet somehow fitting together. Weird, right? 

I followed behind Colton and Aiden, listening to Haley as she talked about what I should expect from this school.I sort of tuned her out, only hearing the occasional good advice that left her mouth. We neared a small group, which consisted of 7 people. 5 guys and 2 girls. 

"...Rosalind." I snapped out of my slight daze and looked at Colton. 


He looked at me like I was an idiot, which I probably was. "Did you even hear one word that left my mouth?"

I smiled as I shook my head. "Nope." 

He groaned as everyone else chuckled at us. Wow, they all seem pretty nice. Maybe I can hang out with them instead of just being around Colton and Aiden. Not that they're bad or anything, but I want to hang out with someone else every so often. Preferably a girl, so you know, I can talk to her about "stuff" that shouldn't reach a guys ear.


I stared at Colton, who looked pretty pissed. "What?"

He threw his hands in the air as he sat on the grass. "I give up. Aiden, you take over!"

I looked over at Aiden confused as he just chuckled. "Okay, Rose. You paying attention?"

I nodded and looked at him, determined not to let anything distract m...Oh look, a kitty cat. It has yellow eyes. And it's black. Wait, wasn't...STOP!

I managed to tune into his babbling without him noticing I ignored half of his lecture. At least I can get the important part, right? 

"...And we all meet at our house after school. Got it." 

Okay, so maybe I didn't...

I opened my mouth and told him as gently as I could, "Could you repeat that?" I grinned as he too groaned and sat on the ground. "Hey, its not my fault your talks are boring. All I pretty much need to know is everyone's name."

I heard two identical groans as I smiled at the rest of the group, who was laughing at the twins...I hope. 

"Well, hi everyone, I'm Rosalind. Just call me Rose. Its nice to meet you all. What's your names?"








I smiled. "See. Was that really so hard?"

I mentally laughed as the boys just shook their heads. Hm, I want coffee from Starbucks. I wonder if Aiden would run to Starbucks and..



If your confused, always ask Aiden to get me coffee at the exact same time everyday. And today would be no different. I would get my coffee one way or another.

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