Melt My Frozen Heart - 21

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"When are you going to forgive him?" Colton asked me as we walked towards the school, Aiden a few yards ahead of us. I sighed, just shrugging my shoulders. 

Colton pouted next to me, complaining about how Aiden was just moping around the house. "It's like he's a zombie. He only eats, sleep, and comes to school. "

I sighed, trying to tune him out, but his words ate away at my conscious. "Look Colton. I know I'm selfish and prideful, but at this point, I want to apologize. But it's been a whole month since we had that fight. How am I supposed to start even talking to him?" 

Colton looked at me pitifully, shaking his head before he grabbed my hand and dragged me over to our group of friends, Aiden included. He waved hi to everyone before he went off to go grab Aiden and pull us off the the side. 

"What are you doing?" Aiden practically snarled, wrenching his hand away from him. 

Colton ignored him, turning towards me and giving me his pointed look. "Tell him."

I glared at him, pulling my arm away from him before I stomped away. I ignored Colton's cry before I walked over to Hayley, my eyes pleading with her to talk to me. She gave me a sad smile before she pulled me in the opposite direction of Colton and Aiden, going into the girls bathroom and giving me a hug. I felt myself break down and I clung to Hayley, crying hysterically. The bell rang through, cutting through the sounds of my sobs, but we didn't move from our position.

I sighed as my sobs subsided. I pulled away from Hayley and wiped my eyes with the tissue she offered me. I nodded in thanks, enjoying the silence between us. 

"That bad?" She asked me, pulling out another tissue to give me. I took it as I nodded my head. 

"It hurt to look at him Hayley. How can he forgive me for what I told him that day? How can he even be near me?"

She sighed, rubbing my shoulders. "He's going to forgive you, Rose. Trust me, he will."

I shook my head, not believing her. "Why would he?" 

She sighed again, just rubbing my shoulders. "He's too much of a good person to not forgive someone. He was mad at you, but he's forgiven you. He's just hurt now, with you not talking to him and all."

I stayed silent, not knowing what to say. "C'mon. Let's get to class," Hayley said, pulling me up and fixing me up, combing her fingers through my hair and wiping away the stray make up. Then she herding me to our first class. following her directions with a sigh

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