Chapter 27- Power

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The power surges around me, cloaking me in brilliant white. Kye stummbles back, his hands shielding his face from my strenght.

"Katherine what are you doing!" He cries.

"This game is over, and I win. You are so blinded by love that you don't see what is right in front of you. I don't want to stay here. I don't love you like that!" I scream, my power shielding me from seeing him.

He shouts something, but I'm not listening any more. 

I turn away from him, pushing out with my powers trying to locate the others. The fake house melts away around me, giving me a clear view of the real house we entered. 

Rotting wooden walls and dusty furniture litter the floor. I am still standing before the door, just where we had been left when Kye had caught us. Seeing where I am really going will make it that much easier to find the others.

As I turn towards the back of the house, where I am sure the basement is located, I can feel Kye in my mind, trying to beg me to stop.

I ignore him.

"Now where are you..." I whisper searching them out.

Like a ribbon leading my way, my power stretches out ahead of me in a path. I follow it, feeling Nana calling to me. I'm so close to them, I can feel their presence. But along with their presence, I can feel Kye's .

He is blocking the way. And he's ready to do anything to keep me from getting to the others. But right now I'm not in the mood for him. 

When I see him, he tries to speak, maybe to stop me, but I sweep him aside easily. Nana is calling me, and I need to get to her.

"Nana..." I say punching the door as hard as I can.

The door splinters under my powers, pieces of the shattered door dropping to the ground. Behind the clutter sits the group of students.

"Kat!" Both Sam's cry at the same time.

They throw their arms around my neck, not at all affected by my radiating powers. Behind them Nana smiles knowingly. Quinn and Aidan sit together on the ground, wide smiles on their face when they see me. And beside them is Anna, tending to Rebecca lightly.

"I knew you could find us." Anna smiles.

"I had a lot of help." I return the smile.

"I don't mean to be rude," Rebecca says from the floor, "But I think we need to get moving before Kye comes back for us. Even as you are you won't be able to protect all of us at once. We need to move as fast as possible."

I'm surprised to hear Rebecca say something so logical. But for once, she's right. I can feel Kye pulling himself together slowly. If we don't hurry we won't have time to get away.

"Let's hurry guys." I say, leading the way.

We hurry our way through the halls, my power leading the way through Kye's mind traps. To my relief, we actually make it to the door before anything goes wrong.But no getaway is perfect.

Just as I throw the door open Sam colapses to the ground again.

"What's wrong?" I gasp as several people rush to her side.

"She's having an asthma attack!" Aidan cries.

"I thought Kye cured her!" I cry.

"He did something to her that would keep her healthy until you would give in to him. Then I suppose he thought she would be fine. Without him helping her, she won't be healthy any more." Quinn informs me, making my heart drop.

"We need to get her to a doctor!" I cry.

"Hey we have cell signal out here!" Someone cries from outside.

One of the students stepped outside during this, and thank god for that. Now we have a way to get Sam to safety.

"Call 911 quickly and give them the address of the house next door," I order them, "Sam, you Quinn and Aidan move her as safely and quickly as you can. Nana, is there any way you can help them?"

"I can give them a hand if that's what you mean." She says moving in to help them lift the trembling Sam to her feet.

"What are we supposed to do?" Someone else asks.

"First thing we need to do is move out of this crazy house. It's daytime so Kye shouldn't be able to follow us out there."

The others nod and as quickly as possible file out the door into the front yard. The sunlight is a welcome headache and pain to my eyes. I never realized how dark the house was until now, standing in the blazing sun.

"Anna?" I say looking around for her.

"Right over here!" She calls from where she sits.

Rebecca lays on the ground in the sun, her eyes closed and her chest rising evenly.

"Is she okay?" I ask.

"What ever Kye gave her was pretty strong, but I think once it wears off she should be fine. The only question is how long it's going to take for it to wear off." She sighs.

"If it's not too much trouble, do you think you could do a headcount of everyone to make sure they are all safe? I don't know many people otherwise I would do it myself. The rest of the gang is seeing to Sam, so if you don't mind..."

"I don't mind at all Kat. After all you've done for us, I would be more than happy to help you." She smiles, getting up.

I don't want to point out that I'm the one who got them all into this situation. They all seem so relieved I don't want to ruin their fun by taking away what safety they feel being out of the house. 

I watch as the flashing lights of an ambulance approaches the house, it's lights blaring. Sam is loaded into the back and it drives off at top speed. I hope that she will be alright. If she is hurt because of me I won't be able to forgive myself.

A few minutes later Anna comes running back to me.

"All the students seem to be here but we are missing Mrs. Caister!" She says frantically.

"What? When was the last time anyone saw her?" I ask.

"She was with us back in the room when you saved us. Some people even say they saw her heading for the front door before Sam collapsed. But after that no one can remember seeing her. Do you think she might still be inside the house?" 

"I don't know..." I say looking down.

If she still is inside the house I don't think I have enough power to go in and get her out again. Now that I'm not using my powers, I feel exhausted.If I go back in, I don't know if I will have enough power to fight him off again.

"Look, Anna, you need to get everyone else out of here and home to their families. If one of them tries to act brave they could run right back into Kye's clutches. I'll deal with this, just make sure they get home safe okay?" I tell her.

"Don't worry, I'll see to everything." She assures me.

She rushes off, ushering the others off the property as quickly as she can. Once she's gone I debate what to do next.

I don't have to think very long, as I feel Kye calling to me.

Look. Kye's voice calls to me.

I turn towards the door, gasping when I see his figure in the door way. 

He stands just out of the reach of the sun, his hands wrapped tightly around Mrs. Caister's throat.

"This is it Kat," his voice is raspy, almost unrecognizable, "I'm done playing nice. Either become my bride, or I will kill her."

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