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"Good morning Kat." Nana says as I come down the stairs.

Her smile is as warm as the sunshine outside. It doesn't at all hint at the troubles she has recently been through. And I welcome that smile. After all I have been through, a normal morning breakfast before school is heaven.

"Morning Nana, how are you?" I ask taking my seat at the table.

She lowers a plate of pancakes down onto the table in front of me followed by a jug of syrup. It's my favorite breakfast. After applying some butter I dig in happily.

She smiles down at me, her wrinkled face lighting up. She is old but strong with short curly grey hair and shining blue eyes. She is the only family member I have left that will still take me in after leanring what I was.

I'm a lot different from her. I am tall with long black hair and black eyes that prove just how much of a dragon I am. My skin is pale and my structure is scrony. After moving around so much I found it was harder and harder to make friends because of my looks. People saw me as a strange girl that didn't fit in quite with the rest of society.

My new friends are a lot more accepting of me.

"I'm fine honey. Well, I'm as fine as one can be after what we have been through. Have you heard anything about your friend?" She asks as she rushes to clean up the kitchen.

"Yeah, she is doing fine. Her parents were a little freaked out but the doctors say it could have happened any time. No one is asking any questions yet, which is good because no one has said anything about what happened since then." I tell her, shoveling another bite into my mouth.

Sam, a good friend of mine, had been injured a few weeks ago after we escaped from the house from hell on our feild trip. She had been hospitalized because of me, but she has been doing better ever since we got back.

"That's good, I'm glad to hear that. On a completely unrelated topic, has there been any more power outbursts?" She asks innocently.

I frown. Ever since I returned home from the house of Loque, a house my class had traveled to on a field trip, she has been worrying every day. At that house we learned many things. We learned that Vampires exist from Kye, a crazy vampire that controls Ice. As it turns out, he fell in love with me after finding out that I come from a long line of dragons.

And dragons aren't the fire breathing reptiles that you hear about in story books. They are actually a group of humans that were given great powers from the vampires hundreds of years ago when the vampire race was in danger.

They were hunted later on by the vampires that gave them their powers out of jealousy for their unique ability to walk in the sun and still use their abilities. A few dragons survived to have children, and somewhere down that line is my Nana and I.

But unlike my Nana I have embraced my abilities to help save my friends from Kye's imprisonment. When I had refused to let him turn me into a vampire like him so that I could spend eternity in his arms he had decided that torturing me and my new friends would be a better way to make me stay. And in the end I almost gave in.

In the end I ended up promising to go back to him when I was finished living my life. He didn't want to let me leave, but he did in the end. And no one has seen or heard anything from him since then.

"No, nothing more has developed. But I can still feel the power there that was there before. I just haven't really wanted to use it since then." I shrug.

"Good," She huffs, "The further you are away from that power the better."

It's no surprise to me that she wants me to stay away from our power. When she was younger she lost control of her power and ended up killing her friend. She was afraid that I would do the same thing. And once I did lose control and I did almost end up hurting my friend. But after saving the others, she became more comfortable with me using my abilities.

"So what is the plan now? It's been a few weeks and nothing has happened." She points out.

"Kye said he wouldn't come after me anymore," I tell her bringing my plate to the sink for her, "He promised to let me be until I decide to go to him."

"And do you actually intend to go back to him?" She asks.

"I do." I tell her.

"Why?" She doesn't sound angry, but she doesn't sound pleased to hear it.

"He's not that bad a guy Nana. You didn't get to know him like I did. He's lonely, and he worked so hard to get me near him. He said I could have the rest of my life if I needed, and I intend to use that time. One day in the future I will be alone and he will be there for me. Or at least that's how I see it." I tell her.

She looks at me hard. "Well as long as it is your choice."

"It is." I assure her.

"Good, now you better get going if you want to make it to school on time." She tells me, giving me a quick kiss on the head as she turns back to her cleaning.

I grab my bad from the side door and head out with a quick goodbye. The warm spring air swirls around me as I make my way down the drive way. It isn't a long way to school, but I like to take my time for my new senses to take in everything around me. 

The trees breath in carbon dioxide and the flowers dance for the sun. Brilliant colors dance on the wind as I look around the small road leading to the main road. I wish I could stay here forever taking in these sights.

As I enter the main road I stop at the large metal gates leading up to a Victorian mansion on the hill. I stop at the gates as I do every morning. Today a little girl with long curly blond hair and a bright blue dress waits for me on the other side. Her eyes are completely vacant.

"Good morning." She smiles, but it doesn't reach her eyes.

She is one of Kye's puppets. As a vampire one of his abilities is to create puppets that he controls from a distance. Today it is a little girl.

"Good morning." I say with a smile.

She holds out a blue glass rose to me, something I have become accustomed with the last few days. I have several more glass roses in a vase in my room from the last few mornings. He has sent me one every morning since we had got back. To be honest, it is all rather charming.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the girl is gone and Kye is left standing in her place. His six feet of absolute gorgeousness. He has deep blue eyes and perfect shaggy black hair with a blue sheen to it. As always he wears a black dress top and black dress pants. He is always dressed to impress.

"I miss you more and more every day." He says sadly.

He is a puppet as well, just one that looks like himself with empty eyes. There is no way he could stand out in the sun like this and not burn. This is the only way we can see each other face to face without us actually meeting. 

We have another way of speaking, even when we are so far apart. We are bonded, a link that is inseparable no matter what because I drank his blood and he drank mine. Some times at night I can hear him whispering to me if I listen hard enough. Never once have I tried to speak to him, but it's nice to know that he is there still.

"I'm sorry." I tell him.

"It is not your fault," He smiles, "You merely want to live out the rest of your life as you choose and I respect your wishes. It's just hard knowing that the girl I love is so far away from me."

"We aren't so far away though." I offer.

"Any distance is too far away from me. When all I want is you by my side." He sighs.

"I'm sorry." I say again.

"Don't be, one day we will be together and it will all be worth it." He smiles.

"I know," I sigh, "Look, I have to get going to school. But I will see you tomorrow I guess right?"

He doesn't look happy to see me go, but he doesn't try to stop me. "I will be waiting here until you come back as always."

I give him one last smile and leave him standing at the gate. He watches me until I am out of sight and I finally relax. Ever since he started appearing at the gate when I came back I am on edge whenever I see him. It's not even seeing him that puts me on edge.

What puts me on edge is that I've been lying to everyone about seeing him again. If they find out, they will hate me. And after all I've put them through, I can't afford to let them down any more.

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