Chapter 21- One way Out

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Like zombies we make out way back into the door. When we finally were able to pull ourselves together we had noticed a door had appeared behind me in the wall. Nana had said nothing to me, thankfully, because if she did I don't know how I would be able to respond.

I know it's my fault Sam's gone. I know it's my fault that everyone is gone. They spent so much time trying to convince me I shouldn't give in to Kye, but in the end maybe it would be better for them.

"So I guess there is only three more of us to go." Nana says.

The others flinch. They know it will be one of them that goes next. Everyone seems on edge, even Nana. Time is starting to run out, and if I don't find the others soon I will lose everyone. But on the very small bright side, I will always have Nana with me.

At that thought I remember that the others don't know that I'm the one keeping Nana with us. If they knew, then surely they would want me to let her go. Even she would want me to let her go. But if Kye had her, he could hurt her, or do anything to use her against me. I just can't take that risk with the only family I have left.

"This is all my fualt." Sam mumbles.

"How is this, in any way, your fault?" I demand.

"I shouldn't have let her go! I should have offered to go instead of her! I should have done something instead of standing there and watching him take her! I just let her go with him..." She sobs.

Nana shakes her head slowly. Quinn reaches out to comfort her. I stand still, trying to find a way to convince her otherwise. I'm the one at fault, but the other's are beginning to blame themselves for it. And I won't allow that to go on any longer.

"Look Sam, it's not your fualt at all. If anyone is to blame here it would be me. Kye is doing all of this because he wants me to give in. He wants me to feel bad and give in so the rest of you can see your friends again. And I'm starting to think it's better just to give in..."

"No!" They all shout at once. 

I flinch, but say nothing.

"You can't give up after coming this far!" Quinn cries.

"Kat, we aren't going to let you give into him after everything we've been through together. Sam and Aidan are our friends, but you're our friend too." Sam says.

"And friends don't let other friends make big mistakes like this. We are going to fight until the end, even if it means getting taken. And I think Sam knew that too."

I know she did, and that's why she had given me the bag. She gave herself up so that Sam and Quinn had a little longer to convince me to fight. Maybe it really was a good idea.

"Don't you guys worry about me," I tell them, "Sam's sacrafice isn't going to be a waste. I am going to do everything I possibly can to get them all back. But I need you guys to be here with me when I do."

"We can't promise we'll be there the entire time, Kat. Kye won't want anyone to help you or cheer you on during this fight. But we can promise to stand by you as long as we're here. Seeing as there are two of us left, you have twice as much time to do this." Sam assures me.

I smile, and we hug, just like other cliche people do in the movies. When I pull back, I notice that Nana is looking away from us. Her face is tight with thought, as if debating wether or not to speak to us. She doesn't say anything.

"So where are we heading now?" Quinn asks.

"We have the door we are looking for, but we don't have the door that will lead us out of this crazy place. If we can figure out what that looks like, then we have something to go on once we find the others. So for now, let's see what we have to do to find the exit." I say.

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