Secret Chapter!

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I love her so much... Why is it that she can't see me? I am far better than the others, and yet she would choose someone else over me. What does she believe that they could give her that I cannot? I would give her anything and everything if she asked for it.

Perhaps this is all my fault in the end. She does not love me because I frighten her. I surprised her and put her on the spot, took away her friends, and never gave her the chance to truly fall in love with me as one should be able to. I had hoped that in the short time together she would look at me and feel the same thing I felt the first time I looked at her.

I was sadly mistaken.

Well, now it is too late to think my actions through. She is gone, and though we are still connected, I yearn for the feeling of her soft pale skin under my cold fingers. She is the only heat in my cold existence.

She can feel me thinking of her, even now, and she is pulling away from me. A wall forms in her mind hoping to block me out, but I do not want in. All I can see in her mind is hatred and confusion. 

She is confused about how she feels about me, and hates that I am still so close to her. She wants to be left alone. The thought is enough to make me laugh. 

For years she wished to be with another, to be loved and to be cherished, and when I offer it to her she runs away and hides behind her mental barriers. If only she knew how much she amused me, even when she angers me.

In the future I hope to be able to lure her to me again. There will be a second chance for our love, and this time I will not fail to have her. 

My dear Katherine, run and hide all you like, but you will always belong to me.... my dragon princess.


That creep is thinking about me again. Maybe he thinks I don't notice because I am new at the whole 'being bonded' thing, but I am not so dense that I can't feel him wrapping his mind around me like an obsessed stalker.

Lately all he has been doing is bruiting and feeling sorry for himself, and debating how things could have gone better between us.

Newsflash! If you wanted things to be better, you shouldn't have tried to hurt my friends. God, I wish I was better at making those mental walls to block him out. Even now as I push him back, I can still feel him like a little kid peeking under the crack in the locked door.

Will this nightmare ever end?! 

I can't even think straight anymore. Nana says it is stress, but I am more relieved just to be out of that house than anything else. Stress doesn't seem to be the issue I am dealing with, and that is what is confusing me.

When I was leaving the mansion I felt bad for Kye, because he seemed lonely. But lately my emotions have been switching from pity, to hatred, to sadness, then to empty. I don't know if it is him messing with me, but it is irritating me to no end!

All I want is to move on from this thing, get back to my normal life with my friends, and put the dragon/vampire thing behind me once and for all. It isn't easy to do any of that with a vampire practically living in your head though.

Mark my words Kye, you creepy bastard; we might be bound now, but I am no princess. I am going to break free from these bonds. And when I do... you won't ever see me again.

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