Chapter 2- Panic

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The inside of the house, as it turns out, is just as creepy as the outside, maybe even more. It's not creepy because it's old and worn out. It's creepy because it is old, and in eerily good shape, as if someone had been living there and taking care of it for years.

The only real part I hate instantly in the house is the temperature. It is freezing despite the cool spring temperature outside. I shiver and pull my sweater a little tighter around my body. I have always liked warm temperatures over cold ones.

"This is so cool right?" One of the Sams whispered in my ear as we walked down the hallway.

I look down at her petite figure, and notice that she continuously pushes her long black bangs out of her face. She wears glasses, but they continue to fall off the tip of her tiny nose. I stiffle a laugh and keep my eyes facing forward.

Everything was lit by candle so it made shadows dance from every possible nook and cranny, but all in all the house was beautiful.

I nodded and she directed my attention to the large glass shandelier hanging from the high ceiling with a point of her tiny finger.

"Here we are." Miss. Sanders said as she stood in the center of the large empty room.

On the walls above her were two large gargoils with large stone wings and wicked sharp teeth. It seemed a little odd seeing them inside instead on the balcony outside, but they worked well in the eary house.

Their eyes, though made of stone, seem to watch my every move, and shivers travel up my back as I try to look away. It seems that everything in the house is watching me. But I'm just being silly right? Everyone gets those feelings when they are inside spooky old places.

"So what are we going to do here?" Someone from the back asks. "This place looks like another boring old house to me!"

For a moment nobody says anything. All eyes were on Miss. Sanders who looks like a statue carved from stone. Every muscle in her body is tense, and she stands still as a rock with her pale blue eyes staring directly ahead.

But her face is oddly calm, and everyone notices that something is wrong. Her hair doesn't move and her chest doesn't rise like it should.

"Miss Sanders?" A small voice asks.

Suddenly the older women falls over, stiff as a rock, her eyes still staring at the ceiling. There is a split second where the silence settles in and everyone notices what happened. 

And then there is panic.

The teacher rushes forward, her grey hair spilling from her pony tail, and she drops to her knees beside the woman. She is shouting directions at the students to call for an ambulance, but no one is listening. People are screaming and running in circles, trying to make sense of the situation.

I, am standing still as a statue, trying myself to understand what is going on. My brain is running like a super computer inputting data on the situation and spitting it back out just as fast.

"Everyone calm down!" The teacher shouts, bringing the students to a standstill.

"Is she dead?" Rebecca asks, throwing a disgusted look at the body lying on the ground.

"I don't know, I can't feel a pulse and she's as cold as ice. Someone call an ambulance right now! Two of you go wait outside for it to arrive!" She orders as she begins pressing on the woman’s chest, trying to get oxygen to her lungs.

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