Chapter 12- First Confession

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"What have you done with Anna?" Sam One asks softly.

"She is safe with others, unharmed before you ask. I just couldn't have her ruining my game with her knowledge and that book." He shrugs.

His perfect figure is oddly relaxed, and his eyes shielded by thick lashes as he looks at me. I try not to think about what happened when we last were together, but the image of his mouth crushing mine wouldn't stop playing through my mind.

He smooths out his black jacket and waits for us to say something. But everyone, including Rebecca, is star struck by the vampire standing before him. Not that I blamed them, he is as hot as he is cold, and that is saying something.

"You said you would give us our clue?" I say clearing my throat and looking anywhere but his eyes.

"Yes," He drawls slowly, "I will give you all your clue, just as soon as you hand over that book to me."

I look down at the book that I'm still clutching to my chest. I had almost forgotten that I had managed to pull it out of the wreck with me. And I certainly wasn't going to hand it over.

My hand tightens my grip on the book. "You can't have it." I say defiantly.

"Oh, can't I?" He asks holding his hand out to me.

Two of his fingers bend slightly, beckoning, and the book instantly shoots from my arms. Thankfully my reflexes are as quick as a cat and I am able to catch it before it gets too far away from me. I pull as his power pulls and we begin a deadly tug a war. If I don't get the book then I won't be able to find Anna and get her back.

Suddenly my strength kicks in and I pull the book to my chest. Just like Anna had said, when I was trying to protect something I cared about my dragon powers kick in. Kye doesn't look impressed.

He drops his hand and the book goes slack. But his gaze remains on me.

"I see I was a little late getting here. I was hoping that she wouldn't be able to tell you how to activate your powers. What a shame." He sounds generally disappointed.

"I thought you wanted me to embrace my powers. Become a full dragon and all that. Why would you give us the book when you didn't want me to figure out what I was?" I ask taking a small step away from him, and holding the book tighter to my chest.

"I gave you the book as a sort of proof to show you what you really were. And if you want to know more about yourself then you're going to have to convince me to translate it for you. But now I'm not so sure you deserve it," He walks away for a minute as if debating, "In fact I'm almost certain you don't deserve it. After everything I've done for you..."

Suddenly I can't contain my anger anymore.

"All you've done for me!?" I snap, "You have done nothing for me besides taking away my friends, trapping me here against my will, and forcing me to be your undead bride! You have done nothing but make me unhappy!"

The world shifts and he is standing in front of me, eyes blazing with a cold frozen fire. His scent washes over me, holding me in place so I can't move.

"Don't you dare say that! You have no idea how much I've done trying to make you happy with this. I could have taken all your friends from the beginning, but I want you to choose to be with me. I could have tortured them and made you watch, but I don't want to see you hurt. You never would have found any of these rooms if I hadn't let you find them!" His voice rises.

"And why would you let me find them!?" I yell.

"Because I love you!" His eyes are crazy and sad and pleading and angry all at the same time. His chest is heaving and I can see his emotions skyrocketing.

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