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Hey everyone! Guess what? I published a book! So many people have been supporting me in my quest to become an author, and finally I have done it in a way. My book I published is called, "The Demon in the Golden Mask" and is a teen (girl) romance.

So far it has only been uploaded on two sites, where you can buy it for your kobo ereader, and where you can buy the ebook for any device, or the paperback/hardcover copy. 

Lulu has been the most popular in selling my book, and if you would like to purchase it either for your ereader or the paper back that would be amazing. 

The link I have set up below should take you to to the page where you can choose which book you would like to view if you choose to check it out. 

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me this far on my journey and I plan on publishing more on this website to keep myself writing as much as possible.

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