Chapter 13- Love

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Once we're all in the hall I begin to break down. Everything I've done up until now was to get out alive with my friends. But every time I see Kye my will power begins to break more and more. I am starting to see more sides to Kye, and I am liking them in ways that terrify me.

"So what are we going to do now? We need to find that room, and there isn't any way to do that. Kat, you're in charge, what do we do next?" Rebecca asks pacing up and down the hall.

"I don't know," I say honestly, "I wish Anna had translated that last page for me. She said that there were so many things I could do. I could be more powerful than Kye for all we know. But I just don't know how to activate my powers yet."

"Anna said you just need to want to protect someone to activate your powers right? Maybe all you need is the right motivation." Sam One suggests.

"Yeah," Sam Two perks up, "Maybe all you need to do is imagine you are protecting someone you love and you will hero up! Try thinking about your mom or dad and then try to find that door. Then we'll see what you can do."

I think about it for a moment and then shake my head. The others look at me like I've gone crazy, but I know what I know, and I know it won't work.

"I'm sorry," I say, "But it won't work."

"Why not?" Rebecca asks doubtfully.

"Because at the moment, there isn't anyone I love enough to go all superhero for." I say slowly.

"How can that even be possible? You have to love your parents right? I thought it was some unwritten rule that you had to love your family no matter what." Rebecca says crossing her arms.

"Look," I say, sliding down the wall until I am sitting on the ground, "My family was never there for me. At every chance they got they left me with my grandmother. Don't get me wrong, she was a great lady, but all those years, all I wanted was to get back to my mom and dad. I managed to find them, but they always brought me back."

The others are looking at me with shocked eyes. I'm not sure if they pity me, or believe I'm over reacting, so I go on.

"On my fifth birthday, my parents told me we were going to grandma's house to celebrate. When we got there I went inside and when I looked back they were gone. Nana always told me that they had business to attend to and that's why they left, but I could never believe her." 

"I can understand how you feel," Sam One says quietly sitting beside me, "When I was little my parents got divorced. They were so obsessed with getting us to themselves, that they didn't even pay attention to us at all. My brother and I felt like we were being abandoned."

"At least you still can talk to your parents without fighting. My mom hates everyone I bring to the house, especially my friends. And my step dad is no better; all he does is sit and watch TV all day." Sam Two says looking away from us.

Everyone's gazes then turn to Rebecca. She is leaning against the wall taking in our gazes with a shocked expression. 

"What, you think my family is as messed up as yours?" Rebecca asks cocking an eyebrow.

"No family is perfect." I say.

"Yeah, well mine is." She snaps.

"Really?" Sam One asks, "Your parents never fight or do anything like that?"

"I highly doubt that's true." Sam Two grunts.

"Okay, so maybe my family isn't perfect. So they fight sometimes, so what? They might not be the perfect parents but at least they love me. They don't abandon me on relatives or ignore me or yell at me. I have a good life compared to you guys." She seemed almost proud that she had a better life than us, and that disgusted me.

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