Chapter 11- Anna

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"I can't believe we actually found it!" Sam Two cries running her fingers along the wooden panel of the door.

"I knew if we kept looking we could find it." Sam One smiles.

I run my hands along the glowing symbols, watching as they shine brighter under my touch. They hum and purr until I pull my hand back and they fall silent again. The others go on about how happy they are while I let my mind wander to what's behind the door. 

There isn't a very good chance that my classmates are behind the door. Kye wouldn't just give them to us after all he has gone through. What were the chances that there wasn't a trap hiding behind that door?

"So what do you think we should do?" Anna asks quietly.

I give the others a look before answering. "We don't have much of a choice in this. We looked for this door so hard, it would be stupid to just walk away from it after all the work we had to go through just to find it. Kye wanted us to find that door for reason. It's a clue, and we need to take it." 

"Then let's go in!" Sam Two says as she slams her shoulder into the door.

But the door doesn't budge under her weight. She bounces off the door and braces her feet to stop herself from falling over.

"Well that didn't get us very far." Rebecca rolls her eyes.

I hear Kye laugh in the back of my head, and I growl. My mark begins glowing under my wrap and I feel like I could rip the door from the wall.

"Let me try." I growl and I reach for the door.

I place my hands on the surface of the door, but instead of pushing with all my strength, I reach out with my mind. The symbols flare to life around my mark and the door explodes under my hands. When I stand back, all that's left is a few pieces of boards that shattered out of the door frame above me. The others are staring at me in amazement.

"Is there anything you can't do?" Rebecca asks.

"Let's just go, I don't want to talk about this." I storm past them into the room.

The first thing I notice in the room is the thousands of bookshelves lining the enormous room. The smell of old paper fills the air, and we notice a large worn out sign that read Library.

"Okay, we're in a library, now what?" Rebecca asks.

"Kye wouldn't send us here for no reason. There must be something here, like a secret entrance to something, or a book that will give us a clue to find the others, or something that can help us-"

"Or it's a trap," She says with a glare, "He gives us exactly what we are looking for but then blows it up in our face. Let's face it, we are here only because one of us is going to end up in that dungeon with the rest of them."

"I won't give up so easily." I growl.

"Let's just face it head on. Hey!" She shouts at the ceiling, "You want one of us right?! Why don't you just spare us the anxiety and do what you brought us here for?!" 

And just like that, a book from across the room shoots out of the shelf with such power it just nearly misses taking Rebecca's head off. It hits the wall and falls open to a page on the floor. Rebecca shrieks and steps away, while the others rush to see what the page is.

When I see the picture I can't contain the gasp that escapes me. Flowing across the page of the open book is an exact replica of my mark. I reach for the book and lift it to my eyes to examine it.

"I can't read what the title says..." Sam Two says, grabbing the book as if to steady it.

I turn the book around to try to help, but the wording isn't in English.

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