Chapter 24- The Bond

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Light shines over my eyes, awaking me from my slumber. My head turns to the left to see a bright light coming from a large lamp on the table beside me. I am back in the room Kye had brought my to before. Or, at least, it looks like it without the flashlight.

On the floor beside me is Sam. She is curled into a ball, unconscious still. I am in the bed, but it doesn't take me long to find my feat.

I fall to the floor beside her and begin to shake her, trying to get her to wake up.

"She isn't going to wake up any time soon." Kye says from the bed.

I turn around slowly, careful not to make any sudden movements. He watches my every move, the expression on his face unreadable.

Then, without any warning I rush forward and grab the lamp, slamming it into his head with all my force. It shatters in m hands leaving them cut and bloodied. But I have the satisfaction of seeing his head hit the floor as he topples over seemingly unconscious from the blow.

In that moment I rush to Sam's side and support her weight as I stand. Using all my fource I hobble over to the door and try to use my free hand to open it. But as soon as I manage to get a grip on it the weight on my shoulders is lifted.

Turning fast I have only enough time to register Kye's face in front of mine before he slams my back against the door. His fangs are out, so long I feel like they could kill me in one bite. But he doesn't bite me. He glares at me, a trickle of blood slides down his neck. I try not to look at it.

"You have caused me so much pain..." He whispers.

"What have you don't with Quinn and Nana?" I demand.

"I need to punish you for all the pain you've cost me..." He goes on.

"Where are they?" I try again.

"I gave you your friend back because you gave me something I wanted so badly. But you've hurt me so much, I had to take her back." His voice is manic, like he might lose control at any second.

"And Nana?" I whisper.

"She chose to walk away, but since you still hold her I can't touch her. She thinks she is looking for you at the moment, when the reality is she is trapped in one of my rooms." He leans in so that his breath tickles my face.

"Give her back!" I gasp.

Suddenly he looks shocked. One hand comes up to his neck and comes away with blood stained fingers. He looks back at me and leans in closer.

"Drink." He orders, holding his fingers to my lips.

"No!" I gasp.

"If you want me to let you see your Nana you will drink. Drink my blood as I have yours. I want us to share this." His smile is crazed.

With a deep breath I close my eyes and accept my fate. If I want Nana back I have to do this.

Opening my mouth slightly, his fingers trace just the outside of my lips. He doesn't push any further, but as his other hand cups my cheek and pulls me towards him, I begin to worry. I open my eyes hesitantly to see a fresh wound on his neck. As soon as I realize this I begin to panic, but it's too late.

He pulls me in until my lips meet the wound and the blood flows through me. I push at him, trying to separate myself from him, but he clings to me with such intent that I can't even move. His blood rushes through my veins giving me more and more strength.

"I love you!" He gasps colapsing to the ground.

I land on top of him and he shifts so that my lips are on his. The blood that flows through me now paralyzes me, leaving me helpless as he devours my lips. He whispers something in my ear, but I don't have the strength any more to hear it.

Something in my body is changing, and i'm not sure if it's for the better or not. Either way it is taking away my strength. Even he seems to be affected by it. His hand falls away from my back and his lips cease their movement against mine. His head falls to the side, his face slack with sleep.

My own head rests against his chest, unable to move myself away. In only a few minutes, I feel myself drifting off to sleep. 

"Come here my love." Kye's voice reaches out to me.

I look around. I am standing, or floating, in absolute darkness. My head feels heavy.

"What?" I don't speak, but the words seem to come from my mind.

"Come here." His voice beckons to me.

"Where?" I try to follow the direction of his voice, but my body won't move.

"Right here. Don't be afraid. Nothing can hurt you here. Just come here closer to me." This time his voice is closer, pulling me in. I go towards it as fast as I can until I can mentally feel his mind wrapping around my like a strong pair of arms.

"What is this place? What did you do to me?" I ask.

"Shh my love. This isn't bad. We shared blood. We are bound. We are finally together." His voice is so happy it's almost hysterical.

"What? You said there was a ritual before I became your bride! I didn't agree to this! You tricked me!" My mind is on a rampage that I can't hold back anymore.

"Shh, honey, calm down. We are not married just yet. This is just one step along the journey. We are getting closer now, but we are still so far apart. A blood bond is just something that binds minds, not hearts or souls." He explains.

"So you can read my mind now?" I gasp.

"No, I'm not that lucky. I can get a feel for your thoughts, as you can mine, but we can't get words or images."

"That's still not fair. You didn't say anything about that when you made me drink your blood!" 

"I didn't have to say anything. This is a bond that isn't by choice. You didn't have to agree to anything to be bound to me. If I had told you, you would have said no." He mentally shrugs.

"I want out of this!" I scream.

"I'm afraid it doesn't work like that. Once you're in there is no way out." He laughs.

My anger is enough to wake me up. I am thrown out of his mind and I sit up back in the room. When I look back I see he is still unconscious. I take a moment to undo his shirt and begin to look for the flashlight. But where ever it is, it isn't on him.

"Damn." I whisper.

There is still enough connection between us for me to feel his confusion. He is trying to find me. And it won't be long before he realizes I am not in his mind any more.

I jump to my feet, trying to shield my thoughts from him as I reach for Sam who is still lying on the floor where I left her. I shake her shoulder, and to my surprise she stirs.

"What's going on?" She asks.

"No time to explain. Quinn is gone and we need to find Nana before he wakes up." I tell her.

"Can't you do something before he wakes up?" She tries.

"Like what?"

"I don't know, but we might not have another opportunity like this. He is out cold, we can do anything to him while he's like this. Maybe you could use your powers to give him a taste of his own medicine."

An idea strikes. It might not work, but I Sam is right.

I place my hand on his chest and try to charm him like I did the flashlight. But this time, I try to imagine him being trapped like us in this illusion. I try to trap him here with us so that he won't be able to track us down as easily. With his own abilities he might be able to counteract it. But it might give us some more time.

His chest lights to life in flames and I pull away. As the flames engulf him I jump to my feet and push Sam towards the door.

"We need to go now! The fire will wake him up soon and we need to get as far away from here as possible." I urge her.

She whips the door open and takes off down the hall.

I smile to myself knowing that the game has finally changed. He is stuck in this world with us, which means I have even longer to figure things out.

For the first time, I finally feel like I have a chance to win this game.

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