Chapter 20- Their Choice

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Out in the hall we notice once again the colors have changed. From the blue and gold before it has changed to yellow and gold. I never noticed before, but Kye really enjoys the golden color of the walls. I would have thought red would have been his favorite.

Nana motions down the hall and we follow her, none of us knowing where we are going. As we make our way down the endless hallway Sam Two pulls me aside.

"Hey Kat I want you to have this." She says, handing me her bag.

"Why?" I ask taking it from her slowly.

"I've been thinking about it for a while, and I figure you're going to be the one who needs it. Besides, judging by the look of things I'm going to be the next to go." She shrugs.

"What makes you think that?!" I gasp.

"It's obvious. Think about the way people disappeared. First Kye picked off as many of the students as he could at once. After that he either aimed for the ones who were alone with you so he could get you alone, or he would knock off the strongest ones who could help you like Anna and Aidan." 

"What about Rebecca? She wasn't any threat to him." I point out.

"Don't you remember? She was trying to give you advice right before she was captured. You were starting to believe you could do what she was asking when she was taken. No ignoring the facts there." She says.

"And you think you're next because..."

"Samina isn't a threat at the moment, she's too nice. Your Nana is here for a reason, as is Quinn. It only makes sense that I would be next. And if I'm going, I want you to have my bag before he takes it. Maybe you can find some use for the junk I brought. There is a rope, a flashlight and I think some snacks. You could even carry the book and pen in there if you want." She rushes through like every second is her last.

"Thank you." I say taking it.

"No problem." She smiles.

On my side, the bag feels a little heavy. But I clutch it with my life. Kye might want to take it from me, and that makes it all the more important. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized Sam was right. She was going to be next. 

Kye knows he can't touch Nana because I am still holding her. And it wouldn't make sense that he would take Quinn after he just gave her back. Sam One isn't a threat to Kye at the moment, she isn't violent or cunning. It only made sense that Sam Two would be next. And I don't like it at all.

"So are you going to do something Kat?" Sam One asks.

I look at Nana, and see that she is watching me intently. The promise we made still stands, so if I even try to use my powers she is going to be on me like a hawk. I don't want to say no but I see no other choice.

"I don't think there's anything I can do right now." I say looking down.

"What?! You said that with that picture you would be able to find the others." Quinn frowns.

"I know, and I'm sorry. Looking at things now, I don't think I'll be able to do anything. I'm sorry that I'm so useless guys." I say giving my Nana a pointed glance.

She grunts and looks away from me. And then suddenly all hell breaks loose. The walls surge and swarm around us like massive tidal waves. I grab for Sam and Sam instantly, and they in turn grab for Quinn and Nana. We stand in a tight circle and wait for the madness to end.

Thankfully, it only lasts a few minutes before the walls settle back into place, and we notice we are in a new room. The walls are closed in and one whole wall is a giant mirror. The worst part is that the room has no doors, which means no way to leave until Kye gets what he wants. As always, Kye gets what he wants.

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