Chapter 3- Kye

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No one moves. No one says a thing. We stare at Miss. Sanders with mouths hanging open wondering what twisted, sick, messed up reality TV show is pranking us.

I inhale deeply, trying to clear my head, and the strong scent of mint fills my nose. I don't know what to make of it, but everything seems cold around me as I stand in the room.

"You were dead..." Sam Two whispers.

"My master will be here shortly, please wait patiently." She says again, her eyes stare off into the distance and for a moment I debate running away from her. From the looks the others are giving me I can tell they are thinking it too.

But there is a seriousness in the situation that keeps us all in place. Maybe this 'master' of hers could tell us what is going on and help us get out of this crazy house.

No one says anything still, but we stand and wait for this 'master' to show up. I count to one hundred and twenty two before Miss. Sanders turns towards one of the larger doors in the house. Before we can react the door swings open and Miss. Sanders crumples to the ground again.

We all gasp as a figure emerges from the door and walks over to Miss. Sanders body.

"You have served me well today..." A low voice drawls.

I look up and meet the eyes of the stranger, and gasp. His hair is black, but the way the light hits it it looks like it has blue in it. And his eyes, such a light shade of blue it looks like they are two icicles in the dead of winter.

My eyes traveled down his body and I couldn't help but notice how well built he was. He was still slender, but well built at the same time. If he stood in front of me I was sure he would be a head or two taller.

He wore a black suite that fit him snug and white dress shirt underneath. I didn't dare let my gaze fall below his waist. I had never been that kind of person, and I am not going to change who I was for this strange man.

"Hello children..." He said. Each word was carefully pronounced, like he had all the time in the world.

And what did he mean by children? He couldn't have been much older than us, seventeen eighteen at most. But as I look at him I notice something in his eyes that hints that he is much older and has much more experience than we do.

"What did you do to her?" I ask, my voice nothing more than a whisper.

He hears me anyway and a slow smile creases his luscious lips. 

"She was but a puppet my dear," his voice floods my thoughts, "She was not alive. I merely set her aside until I need her again."

"But she spoke like a real person..." Sam trails off as his eyes meet hers.

A slow, secretive smile turns up his lips again, and I can't take my eyes away from them for at least ten seconds.

"Who are you?" Aidan asks for all of us.

I notice the way his voice trembles as he speaks, but I don't dare look his way. My eyes remain focused on the man in front of me that could quite possibly kill us all.

His lips pull up slightly at the tremble in his voice. I can tell he is enjoying his fear.

"Kye." Just one word, his name, and my insides feel like Jell-O.

I want so badly to try it out and let it roll off my tongue like a rolling pin. But I choose to bite my tongue instead and look at his forehead as I try to clear my thoughts of him. There is something about him that draws me to him, and I am fighting it every second.

Sam Two clears her throat drawing my attention away from him and to her thankfully. 

"So it was nice to meet you Kye, but we really should be going home now. So if you could show us to the exit..." She trails off when she notices his smile; it is filled with mischief.

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