Chapter 9- Feelings

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When I finally come to my eyes remain closed. I am vaguely aware of light fingers moving through my hair. It's not rough, but it demands my attention. 

My eyes crack open slowly to meet the icy eyes of Kye. He is looking down at me, and he is so close I can feel his breath on my cheeks. He smells like peppermint and though his body is pressed against mine, the air around me still feels cold.

I suck in a breath when I realize how close he really is, but any names I could call him stick in my throat.  And now he knows I'm awake.

"How are you feeling?" His voice is emotionless, but his hands don't leave my hair.

"Get away from me..." I growl.

"Answer me first. How are you feeling? Are you in pain in any way?" His hands search my hair, no my head, looking for the spot where I landed trying to protect Aidan. And somehow after I had passed out I had been moved by Kye into, what looks like, a bedroom.

We are both lying on a large red twin sized bed with a red and gold douve hung around us. The pillows are the same colors but my head is propped up by Kye's arm as his fingers lace through my hair. We are about as close as two people can get, and my body doesn't seem to want to do anything about it.

"Does this hurt?" Kye asks as his hand rubs over the back of my skull.

I wince as pain shoots through my head, but I refuse to speak. My throat burns with a hundred questions, but I am determined to remain silent.

"You are hurt," He states sitting up slowly, "Hold on a moment."

He stands from the bed and walks across the room, stopping at an old worn chestnut dresser. His hand hovers over the dresser before he pulls the drawer out and reaches inside. I am surprised to see him pull out a small bottle with some slushy liquid out and place on the dresser top. He looks back at me quickly to make sure I'm not trying to run away before pouring the bottle into a small tea cup.

Then he comes back and sets the cup on the table beside me.

"Drink," He orders me, "It will make you feel better. The taste is a little bitter, but it will make the pain go away."

I look from the cup to him, and notice his eyes are anxious. Despite the pain that radiates from my skull I roll over so that my back is to him. I don't trust him enough not to drug my drink. In fact, I didn't trust him at all.

Kye takes an irritated breath in and I feel the bed behind me sink with his weight. He doesn't say anything as his arms wrap possessively around my waist. I hold in a scream as his arms tighten, cutting off my movements, and holding me still against his chest. His eyes meet mine and they are filled with deadly intent.

"Drink..." He demands, raising the cup to my lips.

I try to struggle away from him, but his arms are to strong. His one hand steadies my head while the other pushes the cup past my lips. I can feel the bitter liquid travel through my lips into my mouth and I instantly want to spit it back at him. But he was thinking ahead and his hand shifted holding my mouth closed so no liquid could escape. He massages my throat and I can't help but swallow feeling it travel painfully through my system.

Instantly the pain in my head receads. I don't feel woozy or anything, but I still don't trust him enough not to have drugged the drink.

"You see," He says lowering the cup, "That wouldn't have hurt so much if you would have just cooperated with me. A lot of things are like that I'm sure you'll find."

He is smiling, but it doesn't reach his eyes. I sit up and step away from him quickly. His eyes are on my back, and I slowly turn around to see him lying casually on the bed.

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