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If you go outside at might,

After the world has gone to sleep,

You can hear the planet sigh, 

Under the secrets it can't keep,

And the wind sings a different tune,

To all the ones you hear by day,

As though it's choking on the words, 

That we're all too afraid to say,

And I wonder at the problems,

We've tried to melt inside its core,

Whether it's packed so close to bursting,

That it can't hold many more,

For how can we see its weakness, 

When we've not known something so strong,

And if it weeps and we can't hear it,

Does that mean there's nothing wrong?



!!!!!!MILD SWEARING!!!!!!


The morning always as a way of making you feel horrible. It just naturally does that. No one knows if it's because you have to wake up or because you have to face the day. For Draco, it was both. Waking up was hard enough, it interrupted the dreams. Facing the day was harder. The constant sneers and people talking behind his back. It was enough to make the calmest person mad. Now, on top of that, Hermione was acting weird. It was like she was 1/4 giddy and 3/4 mad. 

During breakfast, she hardly talked to him. During class, she didn't talk to him. In between classes, she didn't talk to him. Draco just finally stopped trying. There was no use in pushing her. She was as stubborn as a mule. A really, really, stubborn mule. During dinner, Hermione glared at Astoria like she was trying to incinerate her with just sheer force of will.  


'Blaise, somethings wrong with Hermione and I can't figure it out,' Draco said, laying on the floor of the Zabinis room. 

'Well, mate. I sure as hell don't know either. You know her better than I do.'

'You have an outsiders view. Maybe you noticed something I didn't.'

'I'm not exactly in the habit of observing your fiancée on a daily basis.'

'You're not helpful.'

'Fine,' Blaise said sitting up. 'You want advice? Here's some advice: Drink a big ol' glass of confidence and ask her yourself.'

'You know you suck right?'

'Yeah, you tell me that every time I give you decent advice you don't like.'

Draco got up and walked towards the door, 'You're a good friend, Blaise.'

'I know.'


Draco walked into the common room and sat down. Head buried in his hands, he didn't notice the slight opening of the door and gentle footsteps coming towards him. 

Astoria Greengrass slipped her hands over Draco's shoulders. He jumped into a standing position.


'Why, hello Draco,' she whispered seductively, curling around him like a python. 

'What are you doing here?'

She pouted and said 'I thought you would be happier to see me.'

'Why would I ever be happy to see you? You tried to strangle your own sister because I dated her briefly.'

'Well, I was jealous. We have history.'

'We had a one night stand in 6th year after we both had a shitload of fire whiskeys. I wouldn't call that history.'

Astoria harrumphed and sat down on the couch. 'But I bet you enjoyed it,' she said removing her sweater, revealing her very low-cut tight shirt. 

Draco looked directly into her eyes and said 'When it happened, yes. But once the alcohol wore off it became one of the things I regret most.'

'Right now, we're both sober. And alone. Why not do a second test?' Astoria got up and slowly walked to where Draco was sitting. 

'I have a fiancée.' Draco said sternly.

'And so do I.'

'You may not want to marry him, but you have to by law. If you're not going to respect him, at least respect the law.'

Astoria rolled her eyes. 'What happened to the Draco I used to know? The one who wasn't afraid to hurt others, and didn't give a shit about what the law said.' She crawled on to his lap, 'That Draco was fun.'

He pushed her off, 'That Draco realized how stupid and immature he was. He changed his ways. He found a woman who he was able to be open with, who he was able to love without fear. That Draco grew up.'

Astoria pounced on him and promptly crushed her lips on his. Draco tried to push her off, but she was using her entire body to hold him. 


Just as Astoria pinned Draco down and placed her lips on his, Hermione opened the door. 

  'Well, fuck you Malfoy!' Hermione yelled walking out the door. 

The door slammed and silence rang throughout the empty corridors.   

'Why, Draco. I trusted you,' she whispered.

Her whisper floated through the air. It intertwined with the wind until it was gone. Flying in the air, never to be heard. 


Word Count: 809

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