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     Authors Note: I️ know it's not McGonagall in the picture and it's far too many students but that's what I️ could find. This world and characters belong to the amazing J.K Rowling I'm just adding my own spin to it. Hope you enjoy!


The 7th years and returning 7th years were sitting in the Great Hall after breakfast on the first day of classes. Professor McGonagall stood in front of her students with a grave face. Hermione and Ginny exchanged glances, this was remarkably unusual. "I️ have gathered all of you here today to share some important and potentially life-altering news. The war has caused a great population decrease, because of this the Ministry is enforcing a Marriage Law. You will be paired together based off of a set of key attributes. Now, there are a couple of other things regarding this. You will have to married by the end of the school year, no later. Earlier if you wish, but the woman must be pregnant within six months of the wedding date." 

     The student began protesting and shouting until McGonagall yelled "Silence!" The students quickly quieted, with only the occasional murmur of protest. "You will be paired up, girls please sit at the Ravenclaw table and boys at the Slytherin. Once you are paired please sit with your partner at the Gryffindor table." 

     Once everyone had moved McGonagall began calling names "Ginny Weasley!" Ginny slowly walked up to the Professor's table. "Will be paired with Blaise Zabini!" A ripple of voices followed him as he stood and walked towards Ginny. 

     The pairing continued. More and more unlikely couples were paired. Luna and Neville... Daphne and Harry... Pansy and Ron... and finally. Hermione and Draco. Professor Flitwick led them all to their new home. A beautiful common room, that somehow managed to combine Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw colors elegantly, welcomed them. Five separate staircases led to their rooms. Above the stairway on the far left a sign read: The Malfoy's. Next, the Potter's. In the middle, Luna and Neville. After that, the Zabinis, and on the far right, the Weasleys. 


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