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When you cut,

The skin around it puffs, red like wine

The blood beads up, perfectly in a crimson dotted


It tingles and burns at first

But then it feels good, so that's only the worst

Your body is in pain, but your mind is at ease.

It feels so good, and your mind asks for one more

cut please

On turns to two and two to four

At this point you just keep cutting more

There's no stopping yourself from the warmness

Flowing through

Everyone else is happy, so why can't you be too?

The blood starts to drip and roll down your skin

And a smile appears on your lips, from within

When you cut. 



Draco heard the tossing before he heard the screams. The comforter kept shifting and was eventually thrown off the bed completely. 

Dead silence.

Then, a sudden, blood-curdling scream. 

Hermione was thrashing around like a mad woman. Mumbling incoherent nonsense, interspersed with screams. Draco was more terrified than he had been in his entire life. Well, at least he felt like he was. 

She wouldn't stop moving and eventually, Draco just pinned her arms down and slowly woke her up. 

Hermione's eyes opened to the sight of Draco's stormy grey eyes above her. 

'Oh, good. You're finally awake,' he said sighing and running a hand through his hair.

'Am I late for something? Do we need to get to class?'

'No, no, but you were screaming and thrashing like a mad woman. It was terrifying.'

'What time is it' Hermione whispered. 

'3 a.m.'


'Are you okay?'

Hermione fumbled for an answer. Lie or, finally, tell someone? Before she could even get a solid answer out Draco answered for her.

'I know you're not. Just tell me what's wrong.' His voice was quiet, like an old withered soul speaking to a small child. 

'I...ah...hmm,' she struggled to get any words out. Then finally, 'I don't know anymore.'

Draco scooped her up into his arms, and there they sat for a long while. Bleary-eyed and far from bushy-tailed, he looked down and saw that Hermione was fast asleep. 


'May. May, wake up.' Hermione had been asleep since around 3:15 that morning. It was now almost 10.

Hermione groaned and mumbled something along the lines of 'I don't want to.' 

'You've been asleep for a while. It's almost 10,' Draco said sweetly.

She dragged herself up to a sitting position. 'Happy now?' she said snarkily. 

Draco smiled. 'I got you breakfast.'

'Thanks,' she grumbled. 

They sat in silence for a long while before a knock on the door broke it. Blaise walked into the room. 

'Did Ginny kick you out again?' Hermione asked exasperated. 

'No. But she did want me to come and get you.'

'Ughhhhhh. Fine. Tell her I'll be down in 5 minutes.'

'Will do,' Blaise said as he tipped an imaginary hat. 


Ginny pulled Hermione to the side as she walked down the stairs.

'Ginny! Are you trying to kill me!' Hermione yelled. 'I could have fallen down the stairs!'

'Whatever, you're fine. There are more pressing matters at hand right now.'

Hermione sighed. 'What now?'

'I think Blaise might suspect.'

'Why do you think that?'

'He's been acting weird. He keeps mentioning Harry and my family. Just anything relating to my or Harrys past.'

'It is weird but who knows?'

'You! You should know!'

'I'm book smart not...relationship smart.'

Ginny put her head in her hands. 'What do I do?'

'Talk to him. I think that's you can do. If you wait you're going to torture you and make it worse for him. If you tell him now, you'll be able to work through it together.'

'Yeah, yeah. I guess you're right.' Ginny started to walk away and then turned around. 'And Hermione?'


'It's only a rumor but I heard that Astoria was trying to make a move on Draco. Just watch out for her.'



Hermione walked back up to her room. What was she supposed to do with that information? Confront Astoria? Talk to Draco? Nothing? The number of questions that statement held was staggering. 

'Hermione?' Draco asked as she opened the door.

'Yeah. It's just me.' Her voice was solemn and quiet. 

'What's wrong? Are you okay?'

'Yeah, yeah. Just fine.'

'You don't look okay. Is it about last night?'

'No. I'm just tired and kind of want to be alone right now.'

Draco was startled but agreed to leave her alone. 

Hermione disappeared into the bathroom. She stayed in there for a long, long time. Draco went to the Great Hall for dinner. When he came his May, his sweet, kind May, was fast asleep. He kissed her forehead then laid down next to her.

He whispered in her ear, 'Hermione, never forget that I love you.'

Then his whispers faded into silence. The day faded into night, and for a single moment, an instant in time,  it seemed like everything was going to be alright. 


Word Count: 812

Well, guys. It's here. Another chapter. After months of waiting there's a really short poorly written chapter. I wrote a whole thing that I posted earlier with more explanation.

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