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The Stand by TheActualRealOne
The Standby TheActualRealOne
Harry always said that no one stood up for him. What if someone did? I don't own any of the characters except my OCs. Ron, Molly, Ginny and Dumbledore will bashed in thi...
Harry Potter: The ghouls awakening by Malevolent1
Harry Potter: The ghouls awakeningby Malevolent1
Harry's time with the Dursleys before his first year is horrid to say the least. This takes place when Harry is seven years old and had used accidental magic. The Dursle...
Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories [Harry Potter Fan Fiction] by BrandonVarnell
Harry Potter and the Gift of Memor...by Brandon Varnell
Eidetic Memory is the ability to remember everything you have ever done, seen, smelled, tasted and touched. To some it is a gift; to others a curse. For Harry Potter, it...
Eye of the raptor (Harry Potter fanfiction) by -RedRosey-
Eye of the raptor (Harry Potter fa...by Red
Harry Potter is powerful and he knows it. So, at 7 years of age, he busts out of the Dursley's residence and is left to fend for himself. Gradually, he learns more about...
Harry Potter's Other Aunt! (Grammar Editing) by LillyLovesManga
Harry Potter's Other Aunt! (Gramma...by Lilly
{COMPLETED} Harry has another aunt who is magical! Can you believe it! When his aunt Katherine found out about how her nephew being treated by her little sister Petunia...
The Smart Choice by g30rg3j0n3s
The Smart Choiceby g30rg3j0n3s
Sirius Black makes the smart choice and doesn't go after Pettigrew when James and Lily are killed. Instead he takes Harry from the cottage and raises him away from Dumbl...
Hadrian Potter the runaway by Pol_anne
Hadrian Potter the runawayby Pol
Harry Potter the boy who lived but what happens when his younger brother stole the fame and harry is left at an orphanage. Will harry rise and become someone or hide in...
Black coffee, with sugar by Marenke
Black coffee, with sugarby Marenke
Daphne woke up to the smell of coffee, which was unusual, all things considered. Mostly because she didn't drink coffee.
Harry Potter: The Twist  by Cactus_Girl2873
Harry Potter: The Twist by Emily Winters
P ᴀ ᴜ s ᴇ ᴅ I'd love to say 'The Title says everything!' Well, but the problem is, no it doesn't. It's basically just one of your cliche Bad Dumbledore stories, with so...
𝘿𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮 𝙄𝙨𝙨𝙪𝙚𝙨 ➪Harry Potter  {Discontinued} by istansiriusblack
𝘿𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮 𝙄𝙨𝙨𝙪𝙚𝙨 ➪Harry Pot...by BLM
Go ahead and cry, little girl Nobody does it like you do I know how much it matters to you I know that you got daddy issues And if you were my little girl I'd do whateve...
Fixing the Future by oliviamohamed_
Fixing the Futureby Harrypotterfanfic
Alyssa Granger lost a lot during the war and so when her and Luna Lovegood are thrown back in time, it may just be a blessing in disguise. The two girls find themselves...
Golden 4 by MoonNiki
Golden 4by MoonNiki
"Hello, can I sit here?," "Of course, Hello my name is Hermione granger and you are," Hermione, Draco, Harry and Daphne are in Slytherin Dumbledore a...
United Against All Odds | Harry Potter AU by ThatGirlWhoLikeStuff
United Against All Odds | Harry Po...by ThatGirlWhoLikeStuff
We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided To some Slytherins, the only person who can beat a Slytherin, is a Slytherin. So imagine their surprise...
Together hand in hand......Forever..... by hardaph
Together hand in hand......Forever...by hardaph
She kept chanting his name Harry Harry Harry.......The First boy who held her hand, The first boy Who kissed her, The first boy she liked............
King of the Street(A Harry Potter Fanfiction) by Ao_no_Blue_Girl_
King of the Street(A Harry Potter...by Sarah Okumura
Summary: Harry is taken to an orphanage by the Dursleys the day after his is dropped off at their door. Harry becomes a master thief with his friend Seamus and they grow...
Heaven on Earth (Harry Potter) ✔️ by academicangel
Heaven on Earth (Harry Potter) ✔️by academicangel
"She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it." Calista Fawley was the exhilarating, forbidden fruit that everyone wan...
I promise | D.M by draxoxmalfxylxver
I promise | D.Mby C_Malfoy75
Annalise Greengrass is the older sister to Astoria Greengrass and there older sister is Daphne Greengrass. She always thought that Draco Malfoy had a thing for her older...
Wait, what? by Marenke
Wait, what?by Marenke
"I've just had the worst day,", said Daphne, sitting by Harry's side. Harry kept eating slowly, and Hermione looked from one to another as Ron spluttered. Both...
Twin Rejection by mabelzx
Twin Rejectionby mabelzx
What if Harry Potter wasn't the boy who lived? What if it was his twin, John Potter? What if John was spoiled rotten while Harry was neglected? What if it was possible t...
He's not dead yet  by _-Perses-_
He's not dead yet by _-Perses-_
Harry potter actually died giving himself up to voldemort. He then goes to the after life more specifically the "ministry of death" While he was there the trut...