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A/N: If words are underlined it just means a character is putting emphasis on the word. Just thought I'd let you know so no one's thinking 'Why are there random words underlined?' Anyways, hope you enjoy!


Morning light streamed through the thin window slats. Draco felt an unusual weight on his chest, he looked down. Hermione, his beautiful fiancée, must've fallen asleep while they were watching the movie last night. Hermione told him about Muggle movies and television. McGonagall had put TVs in every couples room in case they chose to live in the Muggle world after graduation. 

He looked down again and saw that his future wife had stirred. Hermione's eyes fluttered open and met grey ones. She softly smiled at him, 'Good morning,' she whispered. 

'Good morning to you too,' 

'What time is it?' 

'I don't know. It's a Saturday, why does it matter?'

'It matters because I'm hungry,' she mumbled.

'Okay. I'll ask the house elves to bring us some food.' 

15 minutes later they sat in bed eating breakfast. Hermione kept admiring her engagement ring as she ate. Then, of course, Blaise walked in. 'Good morninggggg!' he sang.

'Good morning, Blaise,' Draco and Hermione sighed in unison. 



'Is that an engagement ring I see,' he exclaimed. 

'Maybe' she said slyly.

'Did you...celebrate,' he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Hermione turned red and hid behind Draco. 

'If by celebrating you mean watching a movie and falling asleep partway through it then yes. We did celebrate,'

'That's not what I meant but whatever. So, it was you two heard I coming in at 2 in the morning.'

'1:30 but yes. And why were you on our couch?' Hermione said, finally coming out from behind Draco. 

'Ginny kicked me out. Again.'

'That makes it how many times this week?'


'Mate, I told you to stop making lewd and suggestive comments around her. She and Potter were forced to break up a little less than a month ago. Give her time,' Draco told him.

'Draco... it's just... I've had a crush on her for a long time' Blaise began, seemingly forgetting Hermione was there. 'I'm tired of waiting.'

'Then tell her that!'

'Blaise, Ginny said herself 'Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.' So get some nerve and tell her how you feel!' Hermione shouted.

'Yeah... yeah! I'm going to do this!' Blaise yelled and then ran out the door.

'I've never seen him so inspired,' Draco said looking at Hermione. 

'Many people have said I have a knack for inspiring people,'

'Well, let me inspire you to stay in bed all day,'

'Looks like you did it. I guess we'll be staying in bed all day.'

And so they did. They never left their bed except to get food and go to the bathroom. People drifted in and out all day. At about 1 pm, Ginny came into their room red-cheeked and flustered. 

'Hey, Gin. What's up,' Hermione said lazily.

'Blaise told me that he loved me. Then he proposed. I said no, then he started crying. So I comforted him and then we had a long talk. Then he proposed again, this I said yes because I was not going through that again,' she said dramatically.

Draco and Hermione both laughed and Draco said 'That's probably our fault.'

'Of course it was,' she mumbled.


Harry, Daphne, Hermione, Draco, Blaise, Ginny, Luna, Neville, and Pansy all sat in Draco and Hermione's room. 

'Why exactly are you two staying in bed all day?' Pansy asked.

'Why aren't you?' Draco shot back smugly. 

'Because I know that it's kinda stupid to stay in bed all day especially when it causes all your friends to be dragged in here because Blaise has an announcement.'

'Well, anyway. Ginny and I have an announcement,' Blaise said standing up. 

Neville leaned over towards Luna and whispered 'I wonder if shes already told Harry what it is.'

'She most likely has. Just to save Harry the shame of a public outburst,' Luna whispered back dreamily.

Ginny stood up as well 'Me and Blaise are engaged!'

'Shes actually happy about this?' Draco asked Hermione.

'Gin's probably just trying to make the best of it all. Shes not dark and bitter like you,' Hermione said pointedly.

'Sometimes you're too smart for your own good,' he said kissing her head.


Word Count: 682

I've had so much fun writing this and I just want all of you to know that I love you and Y'all are the best. If you ever feel sad just remember some random person who wants a dragon thinks you are more awesome than dragons. I would say cool but dragons breath fire so they aren't exactly cool. Thank you for supporting me through 20 chapters and more to come. Draco and Hermione are going to announce their engagement two weeks after it happened just btw. In the end, there's going to be a huge twist, so in the comments try to guess what it is. And you know who you are if you're not allowed to guess because I already told you what happens. 

I just want to say... Blaise is my favorite character to write so you're going to be seeing a lot of him. Cover requirements are posted.

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