Don't Worry, a Chapters Coming Really Really Really Soon

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In this authors note that you don't have read I'll be covering 4 things.

1.) Why it's taken so long for a new chapter

2.) A thank you

3.) Next steps

4.) A new helper to my team that isn't really a team

Why it's Taken so Long for a New Chapter

I've said it before and I'll say it again: school sucks. It's been kicking my butt, as has life. But, hey what can you do. Lately, it's kind of been just trying to pick up the pieces after they fell apart. And then fell apart again. I've been trying my best, but when I'm not getting done what I to? That's when I had to make a choice. Unexpected or school? It wound up being school. But the school years winding down and things feel a little bit easier with each day. I feel a little bit better with each week that passes. That's ultimately the goal. My therapist recommended I take a break for a while. It helped but the break was longer than I wanted it to be. Anyway, that's the story.   

A Thank You

11.8 Thousand. That's how many reads Unexpected has. It's completely insane.  I never thought it would become this big. I started writing Unexpected in mid-December of 2017. So it's been roughly a year and a half. In 1 1/2 years, we went from 0 to 11.8 thousand-and growing every day! It's completely insane and astonishing. I can never thank you guys enough. Each and every one of you are awesome and amazing and every other positive adjective in the book. If you ever feel down just remember a random fanfiction writer loves you and thinks you are positively great. 

Next Steps

I have this whole plan. After school and before school and on the weekends I'm going to write until my hands fall off. I'm going to write as much as possible because during June and August I won't have any time. So, I'm going to write about 7-8 chapters and then publish one or two a week during June. Then I'm going to write more during July and then publish those during August. The plot I have planned should take up quite a few chapters and, hopefully, cause some gasps. Maybe even tears. 

A New Helper to my Team That isn't Really a Team

I would like to introduce you to: MW (Mwbooks754)

She's been helping me a lot and shes formally part of it. She designs different things and comes up with ideas and just generally is amazing. You'll be hearing from her more now. So make her feel welcome! (I know y' all will 😁)

Last Remarks:

I've created an Instagram for Unexpected. Its called Unexpected2342. I think its set to public but I'm not entirely sure. 

Covers! Here the new and updated requirements!

Requirements For Making Me A New Book Cover:

Must have my name (weirdobookperson2342)

Must have your name somewhere- I want you to have credit!

Must be a JPG file

You have to be able to send it to me through Wattpad or Instagram

Must have title shown in a PROMINENT way

Other Things:

I would like if it had something to do with flowers because I will be incorporating them more and they will be a major factor. Preferably roses. 

No one is required to do this. It's only if you want to. 

Do not stress about this; me getting a cover can wait for a while. The one I have is just fine.

Keep in mind if I don't like the cover I might not use it. Believe it or not, this story means a lot to me and so does how it is portrayed.

I want it more professional looking, bold is fine but if I find it too loud then it might not be used.

I will most likely give you feedback. If you make changes or not is up to you. 

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