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Hermione watched carefully as Ron stalked off. He was angry, angrier than she had ever seen him. He was going to do something, she knew that. She isn't the brightest witch of the age for nothing after all. 

Hermione stood up abruptly, startling everyone at the table. "I'm headed to the library, see you all later." 

Draco pulled her arm and whispered into her ear, "Don't go near Ron, you probably already know this but he's going to try and do something," 

"I️ know. I'm going to go to the Room of Requirement instead. He won't find me,"

Hermione quickly and quietly made her way to the seventh floor, being extra careful no one saw her. She thought what she wanted: a quiet place with plenty of books that Ron can't get into. 

The door opened to a large library with a fireplace and oversized chairs. It was perfect, now she just had to hope that Ron couldn't get in. After a few minutes, the door opened and Hermione did the only thing she could do hide in the maze of bookshelves. 

As the door slowly creaked open she saw a head full of platinum blonde hair. Draco. Hermione walked out from the bookshelf's and sat back down in her chair as Draco closed the door. Relief washed through his veins and across his face as he saw her unscathed.

Hermione smiled as she saw him visibly relax when she gave him a meek, "Hi."

"Thank god you're okay, I️ was worried sick"

"You were?" She asked in a smug voice

"Well, um... I️ mean because...we have to get married so I️ can't have you dead or anything."

"Ok, ok, I️ get it you have to keep up your ego," Hermione laughed.

Draco moved closer to her and whispered, "Or it might be because I'm starting to actually care for you." 

"And I️ you" she whispered back. 

Draco pulled her closer and put his lips on hers. 


word count: 324

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