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She kissed him.

     That one thought ran in Hermione's mind over and over like a never-ending train. It just wouldn't stop. At first, she was scared of Draco's reaction but he seemed actually...happy, but his eyes looked like the calm before a storm. A moment with only the grey clouds, no rain, no thunder, no lightning, nothing. But that moment had to end at some point. The storm had to come.


     Hermione, Gryffindor princess, a war heroine, intelligent savior of the light, kissed him, Draco Malfoy, former Death Eater, and bully. An arrogant, snobbish, rich, selfish, prat. She would never truly like him right? It was spur of the moment, and anyway it's easier to be pessimistic about it. When you are you can only really be two things: right or pleasantly surprised.


Luna walked into Hermione's dorm and said in her light and airy voice "what are you feeling right now," "Um...well... I-i suppose confused, upset, happy, and strangely enough hope." 

Luna thought for a second "most of those are understandable but what about the hope part. That's different and unexpected,"

"well, I suppose hope because... maybe... maybe because I actually wanted him to like me. In a way, because part of me wants to actually stick through this marriage," Hermione stuttered out, "for the child, that we're being forced to have. Of course, no other reason"

"no other reason" Luna echoed with a knowing smile.


Blaise and Draco sat in Blaise's dorm talking about the odds and ends of life. "hows life with weaslette?" Draco asked. "we made a deal, she stays out of my way I stay out of hers"

"you do know that you two will have to get married and have a kid right?"

"I know, but something drastic will have to happen first."


They heard an angry shout from the common room, "bloody hell " Draco mumbled.

"Draco! Do not use that tone with me!" Blaise said imitating Narcissa's voice. Draco laughed, "let's go see what they want."


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