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 Hermione stood jaw clenched and stone-faced, no matter how many times people said those words it still hurts. She clenched her fists and swiftly punched Draco in the jaw, just like their third year. His head moved as her fist connected with his face and winced in pain looking at her just before she stalked off. 

Ginny walked up to Draco, then flatly and simply said "You never learn do you," then went in Hermione's direction.

Ginny found Hermione sitting in the back of the library hidden by piles of books. 

"'Mione?" Ginny called, 

"Yes," she grumbled back. She wasn't even reading, just sitting there.

"Ginny, is it bad that I regret punching him, and that him saying 'mudblood'" she shuddered at the word," hurts more than when other people say it?" 

"I wouldn't say it's bad, necessarily, it just means you like him. Not just like as a friend but 'like-like' him" Ginny replied. 

"We're not 10 year-olds any more Ginny. No one says 'like like' anymore" Hermione laughed.

 "Oh whatever I don't care, now if you're going to be all snarky then ill leave." 

"No, please don't I need a good, unbiased opinion on this," 

"Well if you want an unbiased opinion then you're going to be searching for a long time."

 "Try. Humor me," Hermione said in response  

"Fine, I would, unbiasedly, say that no it's not a bad thing, but you have to set yourself up for disappointment because he will never like you back. I'm sorry to say it but it's true." Ginny mumbled with a sympathetic look.

"And why do you say that Malfoy will never like me?" she asked her voice watery.

"Because you're not pureblood, my parents would never approve of it, you're a know it all, you beat me in almost everything, and I find you incredibly annoying," Draco said walking up behind them.

"Haven't you hurt me enough? You are part of the reason why I will never be innocent, why I had to grow up too fast, why I had to freaking oblivate my parents! You're part of the reason why my life was a living hell! " Hermione yelled back at him.  

"What if I didn't want to? What if I never wanted to do all that? What if it was that or death?" He replied quietly.

"Then you should've died" Hermione hissed then she walked off and Ginny chased after her.


Hope you liked it, I'm trying to make my chapters long but with finals coming up I'm in a time crunch. I've been staying up late writing this. Comment and Vote. Thanks  

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