Twenty Four

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Welcome to society, 

We hope you enjoy your stay,

And please feel free to be yourself,

As long as it's in the right way,

Make sure you love your body,

Not too much or we'll tear you down,

We'll bully you for smiling,

And then wonder why you frown,

We'll tell you that your worthless,

That you shouldn't make a sound,

And then cry with all the others,

As you're buried in the ground,

You can fall in love with anyone, 

As long as it's who we chose,

And we'll let you have opinions, 

but please shape them to our views, 

Welcome to society,

We promise that we won't deceive,

And one more rule now that you're here,

There's no way you can leave.


'Ginny, where are we going?' Pansy asked for the third time in a row.

'Somewhere magical' 

'Ginny. We are literally witches who go to a magical school. Everywhere we go is somewhere magical!' 

'Fine. We're going to the room of requirement. Happy now?'

'Gin,' Hermione sighed,'Why do we need to go all the to the room of requirement?'

'Because the thing I have to tell you...can' it just can't be said in public where anyone can hear it,' she spat out, almost choking over the words. 

They walked up to the seventh floor and caught their breath as Ginny walked in front of the wall three times. An ornate wooden door appeared but Ginny just pushed right through it. Hermione, Pansy, and Luna followed quickly. 

'Okay, okay, okay,' Ginny walked around muttering while the other three sat down on the beige couch in the center of the room. 

'Ginny will you calm down and just tell us what you want to say!' Pansy half-yelled.

'Harry and I are married.'

'What!' Hermione and Pansy yelled. Luna just sat quietly and smiled knowingly. 

'Well, we aren't married in the wizarding world. We're married in the muggle world but nothing is official in this world.'

'And why in the world did you decide to do that!' Hermione yelled standing up.

'I don't know. We were upset that we couldn't get married in the wizarding world and we just wanted the experience of getting married.'

'Do you know how dangerous that is! If anyone at the Ministry found out you could be arrested and sent to Azkaban. Or, even worse, you could get your wands snapped and be banished from the wizarding world. Maybe even oblivated,' Hermione said, slowly regaining her composure. 

'We knew then and we know now, but have you ever felt so in love that you just had to have some way of being together forever?'

'Ginny you know I haven't but... I'm just worried about you. I just think its impulsive and could get you into a whole lot of trouble.'

'But sometimes love is worth it. Now, Hermione, I know Draco wasn't your first choice for a husband and your first choice is now dead. And whether you like it or not, Malfoy's your only choice now,' Ginny said progressively getting angrier.

'Ginny how do even know if Draco wasn't my first choice all along? You don't.'

'Every time I asked you who you wanted to marry or something like that, you would say Ron.'

'Maybe I said that because he was the most obvious choice. The expected choice. But what you don't know, what no one knows, is that Draco was always the first choice.  Ever since fourth year.'

Now Pansy jumped in with 'Since fourth year!?!'

'Yes. After I left the Yule Ball, he comforted me. I don't why, but he did.'

'Okay. So that happened. And that other thing happened. Can we leave now? I'm hungry,' Pansy complained. 

'We'll have to go by the kitchen. They're not serving dinner anymore,' Luna said dreamily. 

'How do you even know what time it is?'

'Why, the Wrackspurts of course.'

Pansy looked at Hermione for answers and Hermione simply shrugged her shoulders. 


Draco was laying on his and hermiones bed waiting for her. He sat up when the door quietly clicked open. Hermione peaked her head in and saw that he was awake. She opened the door wider and came in with less caution than before. She set her books down and plopped on the bed next to him. 

"What did Weaselette want to talk to you about?"

"You have to promise to not to tell anyone."

"I promise."

"She and Harry are married. And I told you not to call her that."

He sat in a stunned silence and then said "I can't help calling her that. Old habits die hard."

Hermione rolled her eyes in response. Eventually the sky darkened and night fell over Hogwarts.


Hey! I'm so sorry it's been so long but school has been kicking my butt. I also had all region so I was freaking out over that, but I'm back! Thank you for 5.3k reads as well! It's amazing! 

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