Authors Note/ Book Cover Info

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I changed the name of the book to Unexpected from The Unwanted Law and Unexpected Love; it was just too long and I didn't love it. Unexpected fits much better. I also made my own cover but it's not permanent. 

Requirements For Making Me A New Book Cover:     

Must have my name (weirdobookperson2342)

Must have your name somewhere or if you prefer I can give you credit on an update, but either way, you will get credit.

Must be a JPG file

You have to be able to send it to me through Wattpad

Must have title shown in a PROMINENT way 

Other Things:  

I would like if it had something to do with flowers because I will be incorporating them more and they will be a major factor. Also, just because I like flowers *shrugs*.

Do not stress about this; me getting a cover can wait for a while. The one I have is fine.

Keep in mind if I don't like the cover I might not use it. Believe it or not, this story means a lot to me and so does how it is portrayed.

I want it more professional looking bold is fine but if I find it just too loud then it might not be used.

I will most likely give you feedback if you make changes or not is up to you. 

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