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//Dedicated to Mars, happy belated birthday <3//




{2 weeks later}

Nate revved at the stopping lights, the Jeep growling beautifully at the command. I placed my hand over Nate's hand, which was lazily placed on my bare knee. The weather seriously did not compliment my attire today, I thought, as a cold breeze slipped through the window and grazed my bare skin. I shivered at the shy touch of coldness and clutched my upper body tightly.

"Cold?" Nate glanced at me quickly just before the lights turned green. He sped away, quickly creating a far distance with the cars behind him. I leaned over and put on the radiator.

"I'll get by." I assured him but I could tell he wasn't having it. I saw him shake his head and before I could stop him, he managed to shrug out of his sweater and throw it my way - whilst driving.

"I swear if you do that again, I'll hurt you real bad." I warned as my initial shock wore off. Nate merely chuckled before he nudged me with his knuckles.

"Put it on babe."

I rolled my eyes but threw the sweater over my head regardless. The warmth that still lingered from Nate's body heat engulfed me quicker than I anticipated. I rolled the sleeves down so my hands were fully covered and ducked my head inside the long neck, closing my eyes slowly.

"You look cozy."

I peeked through one open eye at him, and saw he was smiling. But his eyes were still on the road.

"Thank you," I whispered at him, a fluttering feeling swimming in my stomach when his eyes locked with mine. I once again found myself lost in the blueness of it, the beauty it held and masked. Beauty only he lets me see.

I flushed when a smirk appeared on his face. He knew the effect he had on me.

"So, we're going to pick up my cousin from the hotel- you sure they are there?"

Nate nodded his head and took a sharp U-turn. I fell into the door and looked over to him incredulously. "Warn a girl next time!"

Nate just chuckled and came to an abrupt stop in front of a tall building. I'm guessing it's the hotel his father, Ghost and himself were currently staying at. Ever since the release of his father two weeks ago because of an anonymous tip, Nate has been on the high tail to find a house for all three of them. And I could tell it was wearing him off. But I also knew he found a respectable deal on one house downtown and it looked like he would take it. 

"To answer your previous question, they are here." He nodded over my head and I saw three people come out the hotel room.

I could spot the familiar mop of dirty blonde hair anywhere. Cole Dawson.

I practically jumped out the car, nearly forgetting to put off my seatbelt. I ran over to him and he was ready with his arms spread wide open. "Ellie!" He greeted and hugged me tightly. 

"I'm so happy to see you!" I screamed, pulling away and kissing him on the cheek loudly. I heard a scoff come from behind us and I glanced over my shoulder and spotted his two companions. Riley and Elliot.

Cole dragged my face back to him. "I need some quality cousin time before you go to them dark-heads over there." He motioned behind him with his head before he hugged me again. I laughed against his neck and squeezed his tightly.

"Flowers, have I missed you."

Cole scoffed and pulled back. "You need to visit often."

I rolled my eyes at his usual reply and patted his chest softly. "I think I'll go greet the darkheads now." I moved out of Cole's arms and when over to Riley and Elliot. Elliot was his usual quiet self and I shot him a quick smile before hugging Riley. Her hands snaked around my back instantly and I smiled against her brown hair. 

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