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/// dedicated to Salma for ignoring me whilst telling what worked and what didn't ///




Standing beneath an illuminate lamppost, I couldn't help but notice the small circle it only provided light for. It was as if the lamppost chose a selective part of the street; more like its inner circle. The exact same thing happened at school. I let out a small scoff at the poor metaphorical expression. It sounded far too diabolical for me.

It was fairly quiet at this part of the city and that is why I chose to come here. It was all spontaneous on my part and I loved every second of it. It wasn't cold, nor was it hot enough to leave the house without a jacket.

There was a rock. Right beneath my expensive loafers. I had a moment where I was having a stare off... with a rock. Shall I kick you? I asked it, my eyes scrunching up in the corners as I waited for the non-existent reply.

Then I threw my head back, laughing at my dense idiotic moment.

My head raced back to my really idiotic moment and I lifted up my left wrist, my eyes catching the time instantly. A few minutes before midnight. I was meant to be in bed. At home. Not outside, far away from home. My father will kill me...

But did I care?


I smiled and started dancing on my feet, the rebellious feeling filling me up with blazing energy. But I couldn't ignore my heart that was hammering loudly behind my ribs, waiting for the moment I would get caught. What should I do when I get caught? I had to get back.

I was far too engrossed in the hard debate going on in my head that I didn't hear the sound of someone approaching. Nor did I hear them coming to stand right next to me, until they tapped me on the shoulder.

I let out a small scream, jumping back whilst throwing my hands out in every direction. "AHH!"

"Yo, calm down." The voice grumbled, not sounding impressed at all. I stopped screaming and throwing my hands in every direction possible and looked at my newcomer.

It was a boy, probably a year or two older than me. He was wearing a low-cut vest and I could see all the tattoos swirling around his front chest. My gaze dropped to his fingers and I saw another set of tattoos. It was like my eyes were attracted to every tattoo because everywhere they landed, there was a set of tattoos coating the skin. Until my eyes travelled back to his face. He had dark hair falling into his bright blue eyes and he was scowling at me. Bad. Very bad.

"Err..." I said but nothing came after that. I crossed my hands across my chest, cocooning myself in a protective stance. He looked intimidating and very scary when he was scowling at me. And he still was! I frowned at him, wondering what his problem was. But I didn't dare voice that out loud.

"Are you going to stand there and stare at me?" He sneered and I nearly fell backwards.


"Can't speak?" He asked, sarcasm lacing thickly in his voice. He was looking at me like I was the real bother in his life and I was appalled by his abash, rude behaviour. You just don't speak like that to someone you don't even know. But again, I didn't dare voice that.

"Right, I'm with a girl that can't speak and stares at a rock and then randomly starts laughing. Great, a fucking lunatic." I watched him run his hands through his hair roughly, ending it with random ends standing up in every direction. It was messy but I couldn't help appreciate how naturally flawless it looked. When he had his arms on his head, the sleeves of his jacket rode up and the rest of his tattoos caught my attention immediately.

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