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The service ended a few minutes ago and everyone was in line to speak to Jon. I had seen the little scene between Andy and Jon and I smiled at the blush that overpowered her face when he had tugged her into him. They looked amazing together and I couldn't help but feel a sudden pang at knowing I had something like that - but not anymore.

During the whole service, I was watching Nate. Knowing that he was perfectly fine after the fire that destroyed his home set my erratic mind on ease. I haven't heard or seen him in two days. And those two days were like hell.

Every night of those two days I was at our spot, one minute past midnight, hoping Nate would come and see. Come and try to fix us. But it was all wishful thinking as I spent hours outside in the cold, freezing away.

"I'm just going to say something to Jon." Shar said from next to me, his eyes trailing over the line. I looked up at my best friend, wondering why he would exactly do that. I knew everything that was going on with him and Andy and why he'd put himself through all of it was something I could not grasp yet.

"And why would you say hello to the boy that has the girl that you love?" I asked him, not looking away from his face.

Shar glanced down at me, looking at me with his shades still on. "Did Andy tell you?" He asked slowly.

I shook my head at him. "I know you Shar. And may hide from the world with your shades on but they don't help you hide from me."

Shar kept looking at me, a rueful expression stuck on his face. "She wants him, Ellie. I'm not going to take that away from her."

I nodded slowly and waited for him to carry on. Because I knew there was a 'but'. There always was.

"But I'll be waiting for her. For months. For years. I'll be waiting." And with that, my determined best friend walked away.



They were both arguing. I had spotted them a few minutes ago after I had lost them in the crowed over twenty minutes ago. Ghost was saying something to Nate and Nate's face clouded. Ghost turned on his heel and before I could even think to run, he was walking towards me.

I shrunk back on my heels and I couldn't move from my spot. I wanted to get away, as far away from Nate. For two days we hadn't seen each other and it killed me knowing he hated me. Knowing my father was to blame for the fire but all of Nate's fingers were pointed towards me.

He hated me and I deserved every single thing that was aimed towards me.

Ghost was standing before me, an unreadable expression on his face. He was quiet, watching me carefully. I struggled to find the right words to say but then I decided to fall on the easiest thing to say.

"Ghost, I am so sorry. I didn't mean for all of that to happen and I had this massive falling out with my Father. I haven't spoken to him and I will go to the police. So please forgive me. I can't deal with knowing you hate me as well." I dropped my head, biting the insides of my cheeks to stop the tears from falling.

I half expected Ghost to scoff and turn around but when he spoke the following words, I was taken aback. "You're an incredible person Ellie and I'm sorry for being rude." I snapped my head up at him, my vision blurring slightly.

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