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//Dedicated to Tala, stay strong bby and I'm always here for you <3//




"Step away from him," my Father's loud voice boomed through us. He had four men dressed in all black standing behind him and for a moment I feared for my own life. Which was not acceptable since the man in front of me should make me feel nothing but safe.

I felt Nate tighten his hold on my hand and I eased into his touch. "Mr. Dawson-" Nate started to say but my Father snapped his eyes on him sharply, his look cold and brutal. Nate clamped his mouth shut in a tight line.

My Father lifted up one hand and next thing I knew, one man, with short trimmed hair and a chiselled jawline stepped forward and grabbed Nate's upper arm. I let out a shocked cry and tugged Nate back by his hand. "Don't touch him!" I yelled, snarling at the man. He looked down at me and glanced over my shoulder at Nate. 

I didn't realise I had pushed him behind me, protecting him from the tall man that stood before me.

My Father shook his head at me. "Ellie.. Ellie.. How many times have I got to tell you? Don't be as stupid as your mother."

I focused my glare on him, rage building up inside of me. "Father, don't speak about Mom like that."

Father raised his eyebrows at me. "I see this useless man has taught you how to answer back." He let out an humourless scoff, looking up and down at Nate. "What a pleasant thing to learn." He sarcastically added.

The man in front of me made a quick move and he sudden had me captured in his arms. I struggled in his hold, kicked out, lashed out... everything. But he didn't budge. 

"Ellie, let's go." My Father said from behind me. I didn't want to go anywhere near this heartless man. A man who inflicting nothing but mental torture upon both myself and my Mom. He was never there to praise me and always controlled how I was.

With one hard tug, I pulled my hand out of the man's grip. I turned back around so I could face my Father properly. 

"I'm not going with-"

It was like something snapped inside my Father's head as his face suddenly changed. He had the expression on, the same expression that left me quivering on my feet and that haunted me in my dreams. "Let's go." My Father repeated, in a much deadlier voice. It sickened me how much control he had over me; with one simple look, I had succumbed  to his will. 

I bowed my head and slowly walked to his side, ignoring the shocked yell coming from Nate. "Ellie, don't go with him!"

I kept walking, until I was standing at the door of my Father's black SUV. One of his other men rushed to my side and opened the door for me. 

"Don't go Ellie!" Nate yelled but he was cut short. I wanted to look back at him, to tell him to go home before my Father did something drastic. But when his yells diffused... it pained me to know my Father already did what he was good at.



I had my face pressed into my pillow, Marla's fingers running softly through my hair. "Don't cry Flowers," she whispered, attempting to soothe me.

My Father dropped me off at home, picked up my Mom and took her out somwhere. I wasn't so sure where to but all I knew was that my Mom was not happy about it. He came storming inside the house, me trailing behind him and had barked out orders to both Marla and my Mom; Marla had to take me to my room and Mom had to get ready.

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