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For a good minute, I partly sat up staring at my mother. I blinked a few times and pinched my thighs in hopes of zapping myself out of this unbearable dream state. Because my mother could simply not be in my room.

"Mom?" I gasped out in a small voice but it came out  in a high pitched voice. My Mom stared back at me, amusement glimmering in her eyes. She raised her index finger and pointed directly at a confused, but wide awake Nate.

"I always was shipping you two."




I gawked at my Mom with wide eyes, my mouth dropping open as incoherent words started tumbling out. I couldn't so much as breathe as I tried to replay what I believed my Mom just said. I felt the bed move, I felt the walls come in closer and I was totally losing the state of my mind.

"You know what this shipping shit is all about?" Nate asked my Mom, completely ignoring my freaking out state as he questioned my Mom with a cock of his brow. I wanted to tell him not to curse in front of my Mom but I had no chance of saying anything out loud.

My Mom looked at Nate with her lips pursed and wrinkles appearing on her forehead.  "Of course I do. I ship a lot of people together." She frowned whilst explaining to Nate how much she actually knew about shipping people.

It was really hard for my head to grasp on the idea that my Mom actually knew about this context of shipping people and that she shipped Nate with me.  It was beyond impossible for my head to grasp the idea that my Mom just sat there, a bright smile on her face with her mind probably counting how many grandchildren she wanted.

But beyond the hard and the impossible was the unthinkable for my head to grasp.

My Mom was in my room... acting like the Mom I lost to my father all those years ago.

I didn't participate with Nate and my Mom's conversation, mainly because I couldn't. Stringing any sort of sentence together and for it to make any sense wasn't going to work for me. However, resulting to staying stupidly silent was working perfectly fine.

"Who else do you ship?" Nate questioned my Mom, sounding as if he gained some newfound pleasure making conversation with her

- whilst he was in bed with me, with his hand around my waist and his thing pressed against my backside. One could give me a Oscars Award for best poker face.

"I ship this couple called Mike Ross and Rachel Zane."

Oh my Flowers.

I tried to change position and sit up in bed but there was a slight yet noticeable movement from Nate as he captured me tightly. He wasn't going to let me go so easily. My Mom pushed herself off the chair, wandering to my open closet but stopped hallway to inspect Nate's sprawled clothes on the floor. She glanced back at Nate and her eyes slowly travelled down his covered length.

"I ship you two so hard right now."

This was not my Mom. This was not the woman who sat silently next to my berating Father as the obedient housewife. This was certainly not the woman I was encountered with during the whole of my teenage life. This was not my Mom.

Nate let out a laugh, his chest rumbling behind me. I stayed awkwardly in my position, wondering idly if I should do everything in my power so that Nate could let me go. Without giving it much thought, I dropped a hand behind my back under the covers and reached for the hard thing.

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