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  • Dedicated to Leonardo

//Dedicated to Leo [valerie's bro]//




There was many things I could've said at that time. I could've asked him how in the world he got in my house - never mind my room. I could also have asked what he wanted from me. I could've told him he was crazy for breaking and entering. And I could've really covered myself since I was still in my bra and panties.

But what I blurted out wasn't anything along those lines. "Don't swear." 

Nate reached over and put on my bedside light. He looked down at me with a frown creasing his forehead, his mouth tightened in a straight line.  "I'm in your room and the only thing you can say is 'don't swear'?" He questioned, raising an eyebrow down at me incredulously.

"Yes, please don't do it." I told him, ignoring the fact that he was in my house, in my room, broke in and entered and that I was in my bra and panties. 

To my complete shock and horror, he threw his head down on my shoulder, his laughter muffled by it. I stayed still, not moving an inch of my body. I had no idea what to make of this because, Nate was in my room. Any other  girl would freak and panic and kick him in the shin but I stayed laying down stoically.

"You are so stupid." Nate voiced over his died laughter, the movement of his lips grazing my naked skin. I inwardly shivered, clenching my toes together.

Pushing everything to the back of my head, I channelled a glare at him at the side of his head with slight anger. "How is me asking you to stop swearing stupid?"

Nate lifted up his head, his eyes glinting with amusement. I wanted to know what part of this was remotely funny - "Because that should be the least of your worries right now." Nate warned me, his head lowered close to the side my jaw. I stilled once again.

My heart began its own marathon, not picking up any water to hydrate itself as I wondered what he meant with that.

He's going to do some vertical aerobics with you... Trouble Ellie mused out loud in my head.

Don't be so crude... Good Ellie answered back, shaking at Trouble Ellie.

He's planning it. His friend is ready... Trouble Ellie replied, winked back.

"Nothing like that is going to happen, Nate." I blurted out, my face heating up simultaneously. Nate moved and then his hips were pressed against my stomach, his long legs tangled in mine and dangling off the other end of the bed. His hand travelled down my face and parked itself softly between the junction of my neck and shoulder and his other hand snaked all the way down to my naked stomach.

I hitched my breathing, spontaneously working on two things; breathing and thinking. And it wasn't working. Nate shoved his head back into my neck, the soft rumble of his chest vibrating above me. I knew Nate wasn't giving me his full weight but this sudden proximity was making it really hard for me breathe. 

Nate picked up his head. "I wasn't thinking of that."- Nate said slowly, embarrassing me further.

I went to change the subject, anything to hinder the chances of me getting humiliated further.

"How did you get in here?" I asked, glancing over to the side to see the window was firmly closed. He didn't climb up, that was for sure.

"Maila let me in."

I stared into his bright blue eyes, illumined by my small beside light. They burned right through me, something dancing behind them. I wanted to explore the depth of this boy's mind, to know every dime of him but that wasn't realistic. This was us being far from realistic.

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